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Tag: data cleaning

COVID Notebooks Aims to Speed Predictive Models

Jun 25, 2020 |

IBM’s new open source toolkit with AI extensions to the Jupyter notebooks data science development platform is being extended to a COVID notebooks platform designed to help analyze real-time data about the pandemic. Read more…

Why 2018 Will Be All About the Data

Jan 4, 2018 |

Since big data roared onto the public stage in 2012, we’ve seen an accelerating pace of technological progress and prowess. Along with it, tech trends have come and gone. Once a rising star, Hadoop is now settling into a supporting data role while AI now soaks up all the attention. Read more…

Tamr’s Data Prep Platform Gains U.S. Patent

Feb 9, 2017 |A new approach for integrating large numbers of data sources using a combination of machine learning techniques along with human expertise has earned U.S. patent protection. Data preparation specialist Tamr Inc. said Thursday (Feb. 9) the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a patent (US9,542,412) covering its "data unification" platform. Read more…
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