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Tag: Ashish Thusoo

How to Build a Data-Driven Culture

Oct 10, 2017 |

What drives companies to have a successful data-driven culture? It’s important to understand that it’s not necessarily about the data itself. That’s secondary. The technology itself comes in third. Data-driven decision-making is first and foremost about the organization. Read more…

Why the Cloud and Big Data? Why Now?

Dec 16, 2016 |

The potential benefits of putting big data in the cloud have been known for years. The simplicity and flexibility that comes with having infrastructure as software appeared to be an attractive solution to the complex management big data projects require. Read more…

Three Tips for Building a Big-Data Back-End for Your Mobile App

Aug 7, 2015 |

With more companies striving to become data-driven, many businesses are developing mobile applications and integrating big data analytics for their products or services. As companies expand, along with their user bases, they must be prepared to handle the massive data influxes those mobile apps are causing. Read more…

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