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October 11, 2023

OpenText Unveils its First Set of OpenText Aviator Capabilities


OpenText is one of the leading information management solutions companies. It offers solutions for cyber security, IT operations, enterprise content management, database and developer tooling, and IT operations. The OpenText portfolio has now expanded to include generative AI capabilities in line with the company’s innovation roadmap.  

The company today announced the release of its Cloud Edition 23.4. It is the first set of OpenText Aviator AI capabilities including the addition of Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities within each OpenText business cloud to automate processes to boost efficiency and productivity and improve end-user experience. 

. Organizations have realized the power of AI technologies and this has resulted in rapid growth in demand and adoption of AI. According to the CIO and Technology Executive Survey by Gartner, around 92 percent of respondents expect to adopt AI within their operations by 2025. The International Data Corporation (IDC), the leading global marketing intelligence firm, predicts that global spending on AI IT systems will surpass $308 billion by 2026. 

To enable businesses to capitalize on this growing market and to create business value, OpenText is integrating AI technology into its information management solutions. According to Mark Barrenechea, CEO of OpenText: “AI is catalyzing an unprecedented platform shift, transforming industries and redefining the rules of engagement.”  

He further added “Embracing this evolution is not merely an option; it’s the imperative of our era. Those who seize the potential of AI will unlock immense value for their customers, propelling them ahead in the competitive landscape. Those who hesitate risk falling behind and forfeiting the profound competitive advantage AI promises to deliver.”


Darryl Gray, Global Vice President of Software Partner Solutions at SAP says “SAP is committed to creating an enterprise AI ecosystem for the future that complements our world-class business applications suite and helps our customers unlock their full potential. We support the vision behind OpenText’s strategy and are confident that OpenText’s latest innovations will enable businesses of all sizes and industries to elevate their operations to unimaginable heights.”  

The latest Cloud Edition 23.4 release includes:

OpenText Aviator for Business 

OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator – offers improved security posture with AI-based threat detection. It automatically detects and classifies threats allowing for rapid deployment of protection. 

OpenText IT Operations Aviator – a generative AI agent for SMAX, a SaaS service deck, ESM, and ITSM software. The integration combines LLM and data security expertise to facilitate faster issue resolution,  intuitive user experience, and efficiency gains. This will help ultimately reduce costs and improve end-user customer experience. 

OpenText Content Aviator – helps with information retrieval through an interactive chat interface and natural language queries. Users get a more streamlined content discovery process. 

OpenText DevOps Aviator – provides development teams with a private-gen AI capability. The testing process becomes more accessible and efficient as developers get insights into software delivery through natural language processing. 

OpenText Exstream with Experience Aviator – a tool for integration of customer communications management (CCM) software with gen AI capabilities to help boost development productivity. Using this tool marketing, customer support and communications teams can produce relevant and well-informed content faster than ever. 

OpenText  Business Network Mapping Aviator – accelerates document map creation with gen AI capabilities including support for EDI and B2B standards. This tool helps enhance partner mapping compliance and reduce errors. 

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OpenText Aviator for Technologists 

OpenText Aviator Platform – a suite of tools and connectors for the administration of enterprise-grade data warehouses and data lakes. It also allows for analytics for structured and unstructured data and visualization for intelligent decision-making and analytics. 

OpenText Aviator Search – a tool that expands search capabilities to data types across multiple repositories. It can be used to build a custom portal, solution, or experience for an organization. 

OpenText Aviator Lab – partnership for experimentation with professional AI experts to help accelerate AI development in a secure environment. 

OpenText Aviator IOT – a collection of tools to connect and protect IoT endpoints. This will help provide real-time insights and visibility into the status of assets. 

OpenText Aviator Thrust & Thrust Studio – set of cloud API services and developer tools to power secure information flows. It can be used to fuel custom AI solutions and fast-track new AI-embedded applications. 

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