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September 26, 2023

ClickHouse Announces Launch of ClickPipes


ClickHouse, a fast and resource-efficient database management system (DBMS), announced the launch of ClickPipes to help simplify data pipelines for real-time analytics. Clickpipes is a continuous data ingestion service for Clickhouse Cloud. It will connect external data sources directly into ClickHouse Cloud, enabling users to set up data pipelines in a quick and efficient manner. It is designed for the most demanding workloads including streaming, marketing, and observability. 

ClickPipes is set to be launched with integrations for Apache Kafka, Amazon MSK, and Confluent Cloud, and there are already plans to add more. With ClickPipes, companies can plug streaming data sources into the fastest and most resource-efficient database for real-time apps and analytics.

The general availability of ClickPipes follows a year of growth and expansion for ClickHouse Cloud. With the launch of ClickHouse Cloud in October 2022, ClickHouse has established itself a secure and scalable serviceless offering in the cloud. The company recently announced the debut of proprietary SharedMergeTree table engine, boosting performance of ClickHouse Cloud. ClickPipes fully managed cloud offering is now available on Google Cloud Platform as well as Amazon Web Services. 

The company believes there is a fundamental shift happening migrating workloads from transactional databases like Postgres into analytical databases, like ClickHouse, with implications for giants like Snowflake. With the introduction of ClickPipes, the company further consolidates its position as a key player in the space of real-time analytics database. 

“Setting up reliable data pipelines can be a tedious task. By providing a user-friendly continuous ingestion experience for ClickHouse Cloud, users can now focus on what really matters: extracting insights from their data.” says Aaron Katz, Co-founder and CEO of ClickHouse, Inc. Mr. Karz further added that ClickPipes represented a foundation for a service ingestion experience which will help expand the list of available connectors. 


ClickPipes Features 

  • ClickPipes offers a scalable infrastructure so users have the flexibility to manage fluctuations in data volumes. 
  • The high availability of data pipelines allows for a fully-managed ingestion. Users can continuously move data with no need for manual oversight. 
  • It takes less than a minute to select data source and format, tune the schedule, and set up a ClickPipe. The easy and intuitive pipeline creation helps reduce complexity of onboarding data. 

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