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December 7, 2020

From Data Chaos to Data Governance to Mitigate Risks and Harness Results

Knowing what data you have and where it lives is complicated. You need to create and sustain an enterprise-wide view of and easy access to underlying metadata, but that’s a tall order with numerous data types and data sources that were never designed to work together and data infrastructures that have been cobbled together over time with disparate technologies, poor documentation and little thought for downstream integration.

So the applications and initiatives that depend on a solid data infrastructure may be compromised, and analysis of data can result in faulty insights. These issues can be addressed with a strong data management strategy and technology to enable the data quality required by the business, which encompasses data cataloging (integration of data sets from various sources), mapping, versioning, business rules and glossaries maintenance and metadata management (associations and lineage).

Being able to pinpoint what data exists and where must be accompanied by an agreed-upon business understanding of what it all means in common terms that are adopted across the enterprise. Having that consistency is the only way to assure that insights generated by analyses are useful and actionable, regardless of business department or user exploring a question.

Additionally, policies, processes and tools that define and control access to data by roles and across workflows are critical for security purposes. These issues can be addressed with a comprehensive data governance strategy and technology to determine master data sets, discover the impact of potential glossary changes across the enterprise, audit and score adherence to rules, discover risks, and appropriately and cost-effectively apply security to data flows, as well as publish data to people/roles in ways that are meaningful to them.

Data Governance Just Got Smarter

erwin just released a new version of its Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI), which includes data catalog, data literacy and automation capabilities. Customers, like the one featured in the video above, are using it to power comprehensive data governance initiatives, cloud migration and other massive digital transformation projects.

The solution facilitates both IT- and business-friendly discovery, navigation and understanding of data assets within context and in line with governance protocols. And it provides organizations with even more flexibility to ensure the software fits their unique frameworks and workflows because one size does not fit all when it comes to data governance.

Backed by a flexible metamodel and deep metadata-driven automation, the updated erwin DI uniquely addresses both IT and business data governance needs to safeguard against risks and harness opportunities. It combines and then raises the visibility of business and physical data assets in a framework that is flexible but always in sync and therefore sustainable.

With erwin DI, you can establish an automated, real-time, high-quality data pipeline for all your stakeholders. Data scientists, data stewards, ETL developers, enterprise architects, business analysts, compliance officers, CDOs and CEOs can access the data they’re authorized to use and base strategic decisions on what is now a full inventory of reliable information. They can discover, manage and collaborate on the most relevant and valuable data assets, as well as track sensitive data (e.g., GDPR and CCPA).

So watch the video to hear how an erwin DI customer in the telecom space uses the solution as part of a modern, ongoing approach to data governance, managing not only risk but also growth and competitive differentiation.

erwin DI automatically harvests, transforms and feeds metadata from a wide array of data sources, operational processes, business applications and data models into a central catalog, making it accessible and understandable via role-based, contextual views to authorized stakeholders. The solution recently was evaluated by Gartner for the 2020 “Metadata Management Solutions Magic Quadrant,” which named erwin as a “Leader” for the second consecutive year. Image courtesy of erwin, Inc.