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May 24, 2013

Big Data Big Five

Hortonworks and Microsoft kick off our Big Five round-up this week announcing the general availability of HDP for Windows. Cloudera and VMware play nice, IBM adds in-memory capabilities to their SmartCloud, and more.  It's time for this week's Big Data Big Five.


Hadoop for Windows Goes GA

Hortonworks announced this week that the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for Windows is now in general availability and ready for production workloads. The release builds a bridge between the Hadoop ecosystem and the Windows development universe, giving enterprises the ability to take advantage of a native Hadoop distribution on both Microsoft and Linux platforms.

“With this key milestone HDP for Windows offers the millions of customers running their business on Microsoft technologies an ecosystem-friendly Hadoop-based solution that is built for the enterprise and purpose built for Windows,” writes John Kreisa, VP Strategic Marketing with Hortonworks.

He adds that customer now also have complete portability of their Hadoop applications between on-premise and cloud deployments via HDP for Windows and Microsoft’s HDInsight Service.

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IBM Adds Capabilities to SmartCloud to Boost Real-Time Analytics

IBM announced this week new capabilities for their SmartCloud offering, which aims at helping enterprises to build public, private, and hybrid clouds. As part of the expanded offering, the company says that they will now be including their columnar DB2 database software aimed at in-memory analytic workloads. DB2 utilizes IBM’s new BLU acceleration technology, which IBM says utilizes a number of techniques including “data skipping,” and “actionable compression” aimed at improving analytical performance and simplify administration.

As part of the expanded capabilities, IBM announced that their SmartCloud offering will now be available for SAP’s in-memory High Performance Analytics Appliance (SAP HANA). The company says that the new offering will include a physical SAP HANA appliance on IBM SmartCloud for SAP Applications, hosted on SmartCloud Enterprise+. Additionally, a virtual SAP HANA Appliance is now available on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) for early stage development and testing.

NEXT -- DataStax, Cassandra Expand European Presence - >

DataStax, Cassandra Expand European Presence

Cassandra developer, DataStax, announced this week that following the opening of a European subsidiary earlier this year, they are expanding their presence throughout EMEA with a series of events, including a European summit, a training program, and user group meetups across 23 countries.

Cassandra Summit Europe 2013 will take place in London in October of this year and will have everything you would expect at a database conference, including training, tutorials, expert sessions, sandwiches.

Their developer and administrator training, dubbed DataStax Ac*ademy is being extended from the US to include date in London starting in July covering such topics as NoSQL data modeling, indexes, time-series data, Hadoop, data management, etc.  The company says that they will also be expanding their meet-up calendar to match what they claim to be increasing interest in Cassandra from Europe.

“Every day we speak to new customers and community members planning to launch a critical online service based on Apache Cassandra,” said John Glendenning, vice president and general manager, DataStax EMEA. “Cassandra is becoming the benchmark alternative to legacy RDBMS solutions from the likes of Oracle and IBM, and our European Summit, training courses and extensive user group meetup schedule are helping to grow this vibrant community.”

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Cloudera, VMware Play Nice

Cloudera and VMware announced this week that Cloudera Enterprise is now certified to run on VMware’s vSphere virtualization platform, popular with enterprises with large scale virtualization projects. The development, they say, makes it possible for enterprises to simplify and accelerate the use of Apache Hadoop within virtual and cloud environments.

The companies say that by virtualizing Hadoop, IT departments are able to avoid the costs associated with building an operating separate physical clusters, and instead gain the benefits of pooling compute and storage resources on one common platform.

VMware claims that it can deploy a highly available Hadoop cluster on a virtual platform within ten minutes using their virtual, open source appliance, Serengeti, available on vSphere. Currently, VM says they offer support for Apache Hadoop, Cloudera’s CDH3 and CDH4, Greenplum HD, Hortonworks HDP1, and MapR M5.

NEXT -- Juniper Launches Network Analytics Suite - >

Juniper Launches Network Analytics Suite

Juniper Networks has launched their Junos Networks Analytics suite, offering big data analytics and network intelligence offerings, starting with products called BizReflex and NetReflex.

Juniper says that their new analytics products were developed with the Guavus Reflex platform, a grid-based, scalable and highly available computing architecture – said to be an “analyze first” architecture that processes raw network data streams as they arrive from their sources.

Juniper says that their first two products in the suite combine an analytics engine with visual dashboard aimed at business decision makers, and network architects.

BizReflex aims to gather critical intelligence on how customers, peers and prospects interact with the enterprises network, giving them the ability to segment customers according to their respective values, allowing business decision makers to identify high-value prospects and improve business efficiency.

NetReflex aims to arm network architects with detailed traffic trends and analysis for IP and MPLS networks, providing insight into traffic patterns that can be used to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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