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Real-Time Connected Customer Experiences – Easier Than You Think

Growth in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace is driving intense focus on digitally transforming the Customer Experience. And for good reason – according to Bain, companies offering a superior customer experience grow revenues 4-8 percent faster than those who do not. At the same time, companies leveraging Connected Products and Services are improving customer experiences still further. As evidence, according to Forbes, IoT enabled service revenues are projected to increase a whopping 27.1% annually from 2015 to 2018. While this growth potential has received much attention, Information Technologists are often left “holding the bag”, responsible for delivering new IOT-Enabled Customer Experience processes and real-time analytics. In this webcast, learn how new solutions can enable Real-Time Connected Customer Experiences – far more easily than you might have imagined.


  • Marcia Walker, Principal Consultant, SAS
  • Michael Ger, General Manager, Manufacturing, Hortonworks
  • Evan Guarnaccia, Solutions Architect, SAS
  • Dan Zaratsian, Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks

Moderator: Alex Woodie, Managing Editor, Datanami

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This webinar is produced by Tabor Communications in conjunction with Datanami, and sponsored by SAS, Intel and Hortonworks.Hortonworks_Intel_SAS