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Embedded Analytics: A New Approach for Getting Value From Your Data

Join Wayne Eckerson and Daniel Mintz to discuss how embedding data is the use case for increasing the value from the data your company and your customers generate.

Embedded analytics is not new, but the technology for integrating charts, reports, dashboards, and self-service exploration has evolved considerably in the past 5 years. Today, companies in every industry are strengthening relations with customers and suppliers by productizing their data to make it accessible where people need it, when people need it.

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  • The evolution of embedded analytics
  • Applications and use cases for embedded analytics
  • Whether to build or buy analytics to embed in applications
  • Technology today that is making it possible to monetize data


Presenter: Wayne Eckerson, Founder and Principal Consultant of Eckerson Group and Daniel Mintz, Product Evangelist, Looker.

Moderator: Alex Woodie, Managing Editor, Datanami

This webinar is produced by Tabor Communications in conjunction with Datanami, and sponsored by LookerZoomdata

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