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ebook: Four Must-Haves to Put AI into Practice

Discover the four key capabilities you should look for in an AI platform.

We all know the potential of AI is massive. It can transform everyday business data into increased revenue, cost savings, and new business opportunities. But even with all of this potential, only a small percentage of organizations are using AI to enhance daily decisions.

In this ebook, we explore the four must-haves for driving AI success in the business and bridging the gap between data science and business outcomes.

We’ll cover:

  • Data Visualizations – The role of network graphs and the powerful context they provide in exploring data and creating more accurate ML models and predictions.
  • Collaboration – How a shared virtual environment can bring distributed teams together to solve complex data challenges.
  • Explainability – Why transparency and explainable AI are critical to building trust and credibility.
  • Data Science in Action – How to turn data science into business outcomes and automate enterprise decision making at scale.