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March 1, 2022

Zaloni Receives Continued Industry Recognition with Awards

“We are pleased to be an award recipient of CIO Applications Magazine’s Top 10 Solution Providers for Enterprise Metadata Management and Software Report’s Top 25 Data Software Companies for 2022,” says Susan Cook, CEO of Zaloni. “Zaloni has been making tremendous strides with our Data Governance platform, Arena, in the past year as we are expanding our machine learning-powered capabilities and creating modern solutions for our customers’ use cases. On behalf of Zaloni, we are grateful for such praise and recognition from CIO Applications Magazine and Software Report and look forward to a year of innovation ahead.”

CIO Applications Magazine: Top 10 Enterprise Metadata Management Solution Providers 2022

CIO Applications Magazine has featured Zaloni as one of the companies in their prominent listing of Top 10 Enterprise Metadata Management Solution Providers 2022. The positioning is based on how Zaloni addresses the unique needs of different clients through its award-winning platform that operates in both hybrid and cloud environments. Zaloni’s cohesive and comprehensive platform provides a unified view and control over the entire data ecosystem, including data stores, pipelines, and tools. The platform continually enhances data quality and pipelines as well as process efficiency over time as data moves from source to consumption by data analysts, data scientists, or BI, reporting, and ML tools.

The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of the CIO Applications Magazine’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship. Zaloni’s platform can be used in a persona-driven manner. It allows data stewards to catalog metadata, enabling automated data discovery and inventorying across different data sources, sharing metadata across teams for collaborative analytics, and profiling and classifying relationships between data sets. They can build and enforce governance policies, enhance data quality, and ensure security and regulatory compliance to ultimately render certified data. Data citizens, on the other hand, can gain permitted access to data sets without duplicating the data and use it in their preferred tools. Zaloni also provides out-of-the-box sample data sets and rules that enable users to work on ready-made templates and modify them as required without creating anything from scratch.

“We are glad to announce Zaloni as one of the Top 10 Enterprise Metadata Management Solution Providers 2022. We are pleased to recognize Zaloni as it helps clients across banking, financial services, pharmaceutical, and telecom comprehensively manage metadata and effectuate data governance across cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments,” said Joe Philip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications Magazine.

The Software Report: Top 25 Data Software Companies of 2022

The Software Report announced The Top 25 Data Software Companies of 2022, covering a wide range of solutions spanning data governance, cloud analytics, database management, AI/machine learning, and many other solutions. Through unique products and platforms, the included companies have innovated in their respective areas of expertise to provide customers with industry-leading solutions to the most pressing data challenges and were selected based on the quality of their solutions, leadership in their category, and organizational strength.

Out of hundreds of nominees, this year’s awardees were selected based on the quality of their solutions, leadership in their category, and organizational strength. Zaloni’s data governance platform, Arena, rapidly and securely delivers trusted data through a single control plane to catalog, govern, and safely share data across the enterprise via an API-first approach.

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About Zaloni

At Zaloni, we believe in the power of data. Our intelligent governance and observability software, the Zaloni Arena Data Governance platform, rapidly and securely delivers trusted data for advanced analytics and AI/ML use cases. Zaloni Arena brings efficiency to complex data environments through an intelligent and collaborative data catalog, automated governance, and unified observability to reduce IT costs and accelerate time to insight. We work with the world’s leading companies, delivering trusted data through a governance platform that both improves and safeguards enterprises’ data assets. To find out more visit

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