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September 4, 2014

WANdisco Releases Non-Stop Hadoop 1.9.6

SAN RAMON, Calif., Sept. 4 — WANdisco, a leading provider of continuous-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed software development, today announced the release of Non-Stop Hadoop version 1.9.6, which introduces zoning and support for rolling upgrades to complement the 100% uptime, performance and scalability offered by prior releases of Non-Stop Hadoop.

Zoning enables virtual clusters or sub-clusters to be defined within a single Hadoop deployment. Leveraging WANdisco’s active-active patented technology, this new version of Non-Stop Hadoop enables a mix of servers of different specifications to be deployed in a single environment. At runtime, high volume real-time analytics applications are automatically routed to the virtual cluster with servers having the highest memory and CPU specifications, while batch applications that are less demanding can run on lower spec, less costly servers.

This ensures optimal performance and significantly reduces hardware costs by eliminating the need for high-cost, high-memory, high-CPU hardware across the entire deployment.

“Hadoop, from a software perspective, is rapidly developing into a true multi-purpose Big Data platform capable of supporting both batch processing and real-time analytics workloads on a single cluster. While this means enterprise practitioners can consolidate multiple clusters, it also makes maximizing hardware efficiency more challenging as different workloads require different hardware configurations. WANdisco Non-Stop Hadoop version 1.9.6 provides a software-based solution to this challenge, allowing practitioners to deploy and efficiently support multiple applications on a single Hadoop cluster without the need to procure expensive, specialized hardware.” — Jeff Kelly, Senior Analyst, Wikibon.

Non-Stop Hadoop’s 1.9.6 release combines zoning with existing features such as selective replication that automatically moves data only where it’s required, and an active-active architecture that eliminates idle standby hardware both within and across data centers to enable 100% use of all compute resources. This enables Non-Stop Hadoop to deliver far superior performance, scalability and availability at much lower cost than any other solution. Customers have estimated as much as a 35% reduction in TCO with this set of capabilities.

“We have to respond to our customers’ needs,” said David Richards, WANdisco CEO and Co-Founder. “This new release of our Non-Stop Hadoop product suite significantly reduces deployment costs for an enterprise rollout of Hadoop. This is a big win for anyone deploying Hadoop for a variety of applications.”

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