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September 15, 2020

VMware and DataStax Partner to Bring Cloud-Native, Scale-Out, Hybrid Database-as-a-Service to Enterprises

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept 15, 2020 — VMware, Inc. today unveiled new product releases and offerings to help enterprises further accelerate their app and infrastructure modernization initiatives.

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1 with VMware Tanzu will introduce the VMware vSAN Data Persistence platform—a framework that enables modern stateful services such as object storage, and NoSQL database to connect with the underlying infrastructure more seamlessly.

As part of the offering, VMware and DataStax are partnering to bring DataStax Enterprise as the first scale-out, NoSQL, hybrid database-as-a-service for the vSAN Data Persistence platform. With VMware and DataStax, enterprises will be able to modernize rapidly and efficiently with developer-ready infrastructure, scale-out data services and the orchestration and automation flexibility of Kubernetes. With DataStax, stateful applications can reliably and effortlessly achieve global scale with mixed workloads without fear of catastrophic failure.

“We have partnered closely with DataStax so that customers can run, manage, and protect DataStax Enterprise NoSQL stateful workloads seamlessly on the VMware vSAN Data Persistence platform and minimize replication and management overhead,” said Lee Caswell, VP Marketing, CPBU, VMware. “This frees customers to efficiently run scale-out applications on scale-out infrastructure across the hybrid cloud.”

The solution will simplify operations and eliminate silos with consistent processes and tooling across clouds. Further, the solution will allow developers to build and run their stateful applications at scale, with reduced time-to-market, lower TCO and higher operational reliability, while offering intrinsic security for data-at-rest and in-flight.


DataStax will introduce plug-ins in support of the platform over time. The new platform will enable enterprises to:

  • Use Kubernetes APIs to provision and scale stateful services on-demand in a self-service model with minimal administrator intervention
  • Deliver integrated service health and capacity monitoring through dedicated dashboards in VMware vCenter
  • Leverage service-aware infrastructure operations to enable service availability during infrastructure changes including maintenance and lifecycle management;
  • Run stateful services with optimal storage efficiency

To summarize, enterprises will achieve:

  • Hybrid Scale
  • Developer Velocity (Data APIs – REST and GraphQL)
  • Operational Reliability (Advanced Performance, Enterprise Security, Monitoring)
  • Operator Automation (Kubernetes Operator and Management APIs)
  • Workload Flexibility with Advanced Workload Support

To learn more, register for VMworld and listen into the HCI solutions keynote   [Session ID: HCI3074], as well as the panel discussion with FedEx, one of the reputed enterprises using VMware and DataStax, where they will share more on how they built stateful applications at scale [Session ID: HCI1979].

Source: VMware