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June 6, 2022

Snowflake Users Get Performance Upgrade with Semarchy Integration Connector

The Semarchy xDI connector is an agile and flexible toolbox that allows connecting, managing, and producing fully customized data flows, from the reverse-engineering of the data structures to the data loading and integrations.

“Semarchy makes continuous investments in cloud technologies, and this update reflects our commitment to users of Snowflake, a leader in cloud computing-based data warehousing,” said Francios-Xavier Nicolas, chief product officer of Semarchy.“This new connector provides best-in-class integration capabilities for Snowflake in terms of both performance and cost-effectiveness.”

These capabilities, provided uniquely by Semarchy, combine with the cost-effective ELT architecture that leverages the processing capabilities of the Snowflake engine to run all data flows, and add to best-in-class productivity features such as the data flows universal mapping graphical design and automated replication capabilities.

The new connector, which is fully integrated into the xDI module, leverages the learning phase as it works like any other connector in the platform. Snowflake customers can quickly design, deploy and run optimized integration flows using their engine of choice. This includes Snowflake-optimized generated code with support. For example, by enabling Qualify filters or bulk loading using COPY from the internal or external stages. Additionally the connector supports complex integration patterns, such as slowly changing dimensions or SCD, or automated rejects management.

“We are thrilled that we can support Snowflake users,” said Brett Hansen, CMO at Semarchy. “Customers adopt Snowflake for its lower-cost, elasticity, scalability and ease of use. Semarchy’s unique ability to fully exploit these capabilities accelerates their ability to move and leverage their data with Snowflake.”

Semarchy, a leader in the data integration and master data management markets, enables organizations to rapidly generate business value from their data. Its unified platform enables organizations of any size to quickly discover, govern, manage, integrate and visualize critical information scattered across applications. Semarchy is available as an on-premises platform and is natively available on popular cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Semarchy is also managed as a service and supported by a rich ecosystem of software-as-a service and professional service partners. Semarchy is based in Phoenix, USA, with offices in London, UK, Lyon, France, and Mexico City, Mexico. For more information, visit

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Source: Semarchy