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January 4, 2022 Launches New Platform to Overhaul E-Commerce Site Search

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4, 2022 —, formerly Sajari, announced the launch of Neuralsearch, an all-new artificial intelligence engine that delivers incredible search results. The brand new, proprietary technology builds upon’s existing technology to serve e-commerce customers and site owners looking to build smart search and discovery experiences.

The global e-commerce industry is undergoing a massive transformation catalyzed by the pandemic. The industry is predicted to reach more than $7 trillion by 2025. Yet, many brands of all sizes across various verticals are relying on the same 20-year-old search technology in which data teams write thousands of rules in order to return relevant search results. This method greatly limits the capabilities and strength of a brand’s on-site search engine.’s Neuralsearch is built on a new type of artificial intelligence algorithm and processing engine that utilizes neural hashing, which combines the power of vector search with blazing fast performance and self-learning capabilities. This new hybrid engine delivers combined contextual and keyword based results in single digit millisecond time frames no matter the catalog size. Neuralsearch removes the need for the majority of synonyms and language rules and allows highly relevant results to be delivered out of the box with lower ongoing management. Most search engines can either optimize for speed or accuracy, but with Neuralsearch, customers get both.

“E-commerce companies know that the customers most likely to convert are those searching,” Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Hamish Ogilvy said. “But retailers have been hamstrung by the complexity of existing solutions on today’s market which requires tremendous internal expertise and resources to work effectively. Neuralsearch delivers unprecedented search accuracy and speed, while simultaneously lowering the effort and time required to deliver great results.”, formerly Sajari, has been a leader in the AI site search space since it introduced reinforcement learning to its platform in 2018, which has been referenced by both Walmart and Amazon researchers. And now, with the launch of Neuralsearch, continues to lead and innovate in artificially intelligent search.

“A strong on-site search function is important now more than ever for e-commerce brands looking to convert search into sales,” Ogilvy said. “The growth in online shopping isn’t going to slow anytime soon, so that’s why now is the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves as and offer both our new and existing customers a search option that delivers on both speed and accuracy.”

“It’s been a great partnership with the team at Sajari,” said Tomas Varsavsky, CTO at “Their technology and data services have helped us to grow revenue through better on-site search and discovery. Neuralsearch looks very promising and we can’t wait to get started.”

Neuralsearch is available in beta today at no additional cost for companies and organizations who wish to get started with AI-powered search.

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