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January 26, 2021

Rapid Images Deploys Storage Solution from HPE and Qumulo to Meet Increased Demand for Digitalization

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 26, 2020 — Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced that Rapid Images, a leading Swedish provider of data-driven digitalization solutions, has selected a highly scalable and modern file storage solution from HPE and Qumulo, in order to store, structure, manage and quickly access unstructured data and 3D computer-generated images for its clients.

Rapid Images is a leading provider of innovative digital solutions and is replacing traditional photo and film production with innovative 3D-based technology. Its services are used by numerous industries to help companies market and sell their products and services online. Demand has further increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where shopping experiences are now increasingly virtual. Rapid Images needed to manage large amounts of unstructured data and in turn, needed to provide a solution to their own clients to quickly and easily access large quantities of digital images and assets.

Rapid Images turned to HPE partner and IT solution provider, Dustin Group, to help them select a cost-effective, enterprise-proven, modern storage solution.  The company chose HPE Solutions for Qumulo built on the HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Server, a highly scalable file storage solution designed to optimize big data analytics and data storage-intensive workloads so that resources required for each workload are ready to deploy in seconds.

“Our clients’ needs for digital services are increasing and our need for a modern solution with a fast response-time has grown exponentially over the past few years,” said Hans Lööf, chief financial officer at Rapid Images. “Demand for our services continues to grow, and we therefore wanted a flexible storage solution that would be cost effective and scalable to meet our future demands as a company.”

Our solutions with Qumulo are tightly coupled and specifically designed for file-based workloads. These are validated and tested by HPE, offering our enterprise customers piece of mind and trusting their most important workloads to HPE. Rapid Images benefits from a highly available, cost-effective file storage solution with real-time visibility of usage and performance. This prevents downtime and speeds up the digitalization process. Better performance enhances Rapid Images’ Image Rendering Platform – a system that requires instantaneous access to millions of files and uses complex algorithms to translate, process artist’s instructions, and produce thousands of images using clustered rendering.

“When you handle vast quantities of files and data, you need a very specific set of capabilities” said Mikael Krigsman, sales specialist at HPE, Sweden. “Qumulo is a modern solution with built-in artificial intelligence so it automatically structures and analyses the data.  By using the HPE-Qumulo joint solution, we turned a technically demanding task into an automated process, and have therefore enabled Rapid Images to increase productivity and spend more time producing CGI, rather than sorting through data and images.”

Dustin Group, an HPE partner and one of the leading providers of IT solutions in the Nordics, has been a leading supplier of infrastructure technology for many years, and played an important role in identifying the right solution for the challenges faced by Rapid Images.

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