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September 11, 2018

Pepperdata Announces Major Enterprise-Grade Capabilities, Enhanced Usability and Services

NEW YORK, Sept. 11, 2018 — Pepperdata, a leader in Application Performance Management (APM) for big data success, announced enterprise-grade features to its APM suite that include auto-tuning, enhanced recommendations, and management and operational reporting, powered by an easy-to-use self-service interface. The company also announced professional services offerings that include best-practices, performance planning, capacity planning, and architecture design for big data success.

The company’s new professional services are directly enabled by the vast amount of metrics — 600 trillion data points every year — that Pepperdata collects from tens of thousands of nodes every few seconds. This data provides unique insight into all aspects of operationalizing big data applications. Pepperdata is unique in its ability to deliver not only enterprise-grade software, but also expertise, experience and knowledge that ensures big data success.

“Customers are demanding more than features and function from us — they’re asking us to become partners in making sure their big data investments yield business results,” said Ashfaq Munshi, Pepperdata CEO.  “We are the only company offering expert services along with a solution delivering instantaneous time-series data that provides precise insight relevant to enterprise platforms and applications.”

Proven Products

The Pepperdata APM suite — comprised of Platform Spotlight and Application Spotlight — enables tight collaboration between developers and operators, improves overall efficiency and performance, and enables enterprises to do more with their existing big data investments.

Platform Spotlight provides infrastructure and capacity managers with:

  • 360 Degree Platform View: Pepperdata continuously collects exhaustive data in real time about clusters, hosts, queues, users, applications and all relevant resources, providing a single source of operational and performance truth across clusters. This breadth of real-time data, which no other tool or product collects and provides, enables enterprises to quickly diagnose performance issues up to 90 percent faster than without Pepperdata, while making real-time resource decisions based on user priorities and needs.
  • Real-Time Platform Tuning: Pepperdata increases platform throughput up to 50 percent by leveraging AI-driven resource management to automatically tunecluster resource usage and recapture wasted capacity.
  • Platform Recommendations: Pepperdata provides actionable reporting and recommendations to rightsize containers, queues and other resources so enterprises can achieve optimal application and cluster performance on multi-tenant systems.
  • Platform Alerting: Pepperdata exposes data at sufficient granularity to avoid nuisance alarms and create tailored alerts that pinpoint the root causesof performance issues and operational inefficiencies.
  • 360 Degree Reports: With its vast amount of data that correlates configuration and tuning changes with changes in platform performance, Pepperdata reports allow executives to understand financial impacts of operational decisionsacross the platform.

Application Spotlight provides developers with:

  • 360 Degree Application View: Pepperdata provides developers with a holistic source of application performance data within the context of the cluster, and enables them to quickly diagnose issues, reduce troubleshooting time, and improve performance.
  • Application Tuning: Pepperdata provides real-time data from applications and cluster resources, which informs developers’ decisions about application configuration and environment considerations for improving runtime performance. Additionally, Pepperdata automatically tunesapplications on an ongoing basis to improve runtime or resource utilization.
  • Application Recommendations: Pepperdata automatically delivers job-specific recommendations based on comparing the values of dozens of performance metrics and tuning parameters using industry heuristics, best practices and in-depth knowledge of those metrics and parameters.
  • Application Alerting: In addition to surfacing performance bottlenecks, Pepperdata enables developers to create and receive alerts about events that degrade application performanceso they know when an application is at risk of failure.

Operational Experience and Deep Expertise

Pepperdata continuously monitors more than 250 production clusters across its customer base — over 30,000 nodes across all Big Data distributions and hardware configurations — for a total 550 million jobs and 600 trillion data points every year. Coupled with its success serving Fortune 100 customers, this uniquely broad set of data empowers Pepperdata to help customers:

  • Establish and follow best practices and effectively set and achieve strategic initiatives.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by providing faster applications and more efficient resource usage.
  • Stay ahead of capacity needs and squeeze the most out of existing capacity.
  • Design a successful architecture using real-world experience derived from some of the world’s biggest clusters.
  • Successfully support developers and operations managers by providing self-service access to data-rich, curated, self-service portals.

Pepperdata will be exhibiting at the Strata Data Conference at the Jacob Javits Center (booth 741) in New York City, September 12th and 13th.

About Pepperdata

Pepperdata is a leader in Application Performance Management solutions and services for big data success, solving application and platform issues throughout the stack for developers as well as capacity and infrastructure managers. The company partners with its customers to provide proven products, operational experience, and deep expertise to deliver predictable performance, empowered users, managed costs and managed growth for their big data investments, both on-premise and in the cloud. Leading companies like Comcast, Philips Wellcentive and NBC Universal depend on Pepperdata to deliver big data success.

Source: Pepperdata

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