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March 25, 2020

Ople Introduces Tableau Integration

SAN MATEO, CALIF., March 25, 2020 — Ople has recently announced its integration with Tableau. This makes Ople one of the first vendors to integrate with Tableau using their recently-released Analytics Extensions API. Thanks to this addition, customers can utilize the best of both Ople and Tableau in order to meet business goals, uncover deeper insights and make real-time predictions. In addition, Ople’s secure and expedient AI platform can be joined with Tableau without having to write any code.

Ople Prediction in a Tableau Dashboard. Image courtesy of Ople.

“Ople is outstanding when it comes to helping our customers to quickly generate insights and predictions on their most critical KPIs,” said Francois Lopitaux, CPO of Ople.Getting started is easy and customizable to respective business needs. Using the latest Tableau Analytics Extensions API, connect the Ople Platform with Tableau Desktop to make real-time predictions. Or simply connect to Ople in Tableau Prep using RestAPI to create an automated workflow to augment any Tableau dataset with predicted values. With more business insights generated by Ople, Tableau users can enrich visual representations to share and present new findings with the business stakeholders.

“Our partnership with Tableau is enhancing the value of Business Intelligence to the next level. Business analysts can augment Tableau data with Ople to generate insights without any code or any specific data scientist skills, and share discoveries with the entire company.”

The two platforms join together to create an impactful business intelligence resource, while still maintaining an efficient and easy-to-use format. Combining the data-driven insights generated from Ople’s Platform with the dataset features offered by Tableau means predictive analytics are not only more achievable, but also more comprehensible for data scientists and business analysts alike. With the integration of Ople and Tableau, people can better understand what is driving a business’s current performance or go one step further and anticipate its future.

“Integrating predictive models from Ople in dynamic Tableau dashboards extends the power of data science across the business and enables more people to uncover valuable, data-driven insights regardless of expertise,” said Nathan Mannheimer, Senior Product Manager, Advanced Analytics at Tableau.

Learn more about using both Ople and Tableau here or request a demo today.

About Ople

Ople is realizing the promise of AI by making it as ubiquitous as electricity. Its unique Automated Machine Learning technology enables the platform to intelligently manage all the complex operations, including data preparation, feature engineering, model creation, optimization, and deployment. Built with business users in mind, the Ople Platform provides fully transparent and business-oriented explanations on every model built, empowering anyone with knowledge of the business and data to solve business challenges with the touch of a button.

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