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October 2, 2017

NYC Data Science Academy Introduces Courses in Deep Learning

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2017 — NYC Data Science Academy, considered one of the leading data science bootcamp and continuing education institutions, has announced a new course in Deep Learning, taught by renowned data scientist, John Krohn.

Deep Learning is a field within Machine Learning that is driving the artificial intelligence revolution by using computer communication patterns that mimic biological nervous systems and neural networks.  In the past few years, Deep Learning has made its way into countless everyday applications, including Tesla’s Autopilot, Siri’s voice recognition, Facebook’s face identification, and hundreds of products at Google.  Recently, a computer built by Google’s DeepMind lab, called AlphaGo, used Deep Learning to defeat the best Go player in the world.

As the processing power of computers has gotten stronger in recent years, Deep Learning, and more specifically Deep Neural Networks, have begun ushering in the beginning of the artificial intelligence era, which promises to transform virtually every industry. 

The NYC Data Science Academy in Manhattan, regarded as one of the top data science schools in the country, has introduced a new bootcamp to teach Deep Learning specifically to advanced data scientists. The course will be taught by Dr. Jon Krohn, Chief Data Scientist at the machine learning startup Untapt and the author of the forthcoming book, Deep Learning Illustrated, to be published by Pearson’s Addison-Wesley in 2018.

 “We are extremely excited to offer this cutting edge content with an incredible thought leader in Jon Krohn teaching the course,” said Vivian Zhang, founder and CTO of the NYC Data Science Academy. “Our job at the academy is to prepare and train the top data scientists for careers as industry leaders not only today but in the future.  With this latest course offering, we’re confident that we’re providing the best possible content and training available, and helping the leading data scientists in New York get a jump on the future of our industry.”

The course will serve as an introduction to artificial neural networks, bringing high-level theory to life with interactive labs featuring TensorFlow, the most popular open-source Deep Learning library. Essential theory will be covered in a manner that provides students with an intuitive understanding of Deep Learning’s underlying foundations. Paired with hands-on code training as well as strategies for overcoming common pitfalls, this foundational knowledge will empower individuals with no previous understanding of neural networks to build production-ready Deep Learning applications.

The first course begins on Saturday, October 14, with an all-day session.  It then meets once every two weeks and concludes on December 16. 

About Jon Krohn

Jon Krohn is the Chief Data Scientist of the machine learning startup Untapt. He leads a flourishing Deep Learning Study Group and presents the acclaimed Deep Learning with TensorFlow LiveLessons. Jon holds a doctorate in neuroscience from Oxford University and has been publishing on machine learning in leading academic journals since 2010. His forthcoming book, Deep Learning Illustrated, is being published on Pearson’s Addison-Wesley imprint and will be distributed in 2018.

About the NYC Data Science Academy

Founded in 2014, the NYC Data Science Academy offers the highest quality in data science and data engineering training. Their top-rated and comprehensive curriculum has been developed by industry pioneers using experience from consulting, corporate and individual training and is approved and licensed by the NYS Department of Education.

The program delivers a combination of lectures and real-world data challenges to its students and is designed specifically around the skills employers are seeking, including R, Python, Hadoop, Spark and much more. By the end of the program, students complete at least four real-world data science projects to showcase their knowledge to prospective employers. Students also participate in presentations and job interview training to ensure they are prepared for top data science positions in prestigious organizations. 93% of NYC Data Science Academy students are hired within six months of graduation. For more information visit

Source: NYC Data Science Academy

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