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September 7, 2021

JetBrains Launches Public Early-Access Program for JetBrains DataSpell IDE

PRAGUE, Sept. 7, 2021 — JetBrains, a company that created an extended family of IDEs for various programming languages, has announced the public launch of JetBrains DataSpell, a dedicated IDE for Data Science, under the Early-Access Program. JetBrains DataSpell offers a productive developer environment for data science professionals who are actively involved in exploratory data analysis and prototyping machine learning models.

JetBrains DataSpell provides data scientists with a professional Integrated Development Environment coupled with an interface that prioritizes data yet still allows coding. It offers native support for Jupyter notebooks and provides an enhanced experience over traditional Jupyter notebooks. The IDE allows the user to switch between Command mode and Editor mode for easier manipulation of cells and their content. For notebooks, the enhancements include intelligent coding assistance for Python, out-of-the-box table of contents, folding tracebacks, and interactive tables, among other things. Cell outputs support both Markdown and JavaScript (e.g. Plotly, Bokeh, IPyWidgets, etc.). DataSpell allows the user to work with local Jupyter notebooks as well as remote Jupyter, JupyterHub, and JupyterLab servers.

Python is the go-to language for data science. The majority of developers involved in data analysis (54%), data engineering (54%), and machine learning (71%) use Python. JetBrains DataSpell supports Python scripts, offering a scientific REPL for running code as well as many additional tools for working with data and data visualization, both static and interactive. Even though Python is the primary short-term focus for JetBrains DataSpell, the IDE includes basic support for R. Eventually, other data science languages may be added as well.

“The demand for interactive tools for working with data made us realize that we have to build a dedicated product tailored for the needs of data scientists”, said Andrey Cheptsov, Product Manager for DataSpell. “The feedback we’ve received during the private EAP from the early adopters has been enormously helpful in improving the overall quality of the product.”

About JetBrains

JetBrains creates intelligent tools for software developers that are used by over 10 million professionals. It’s the company behind Kotlin, a modern programming language that became the officially preferred way of Android development by Google. 99 out of Fortune 100 companies are its customers. JetBrains has 30 products for most programming languages and technologies available, as well as team tools, including Space, an all-in-one team collaboration environment. The company is headquartered in Prague and has offices throughout the world including the one in Amsterdam. For more information, please visit

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