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February 11, 2014

Jaspersoft Announces New Capabilities for Big Data Offering

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 11 — Jaspersoft, the Intelligence Inside applications and business processes, today announced new capabilities for its Big Data embedded analytics offering. Features include new intelligent native connectors and data virtualization support to improve the access and delivery of Big Data visualizations inside applications. The new capabilities add to an embedded analytics offering that has the industry’s broadest set of native connectors for Big Data analytics, supporting Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redshift and dozens more.

The Jaspersoft Big Data embedded analytics offering provides a broad range of data access strategies, including native real-time reporting and analysis, data blending of NoSQL and relational sources using an innovative data virtualization layer, and batch analysis using data integration. Customers can choose one or more access techniques and combine with a variety of visualizations to present the right insight to the right user. 

“Self-service exploratory BI for business users is one of the key value propositions for Big Data and Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub. Presenting business users with direct, agile access to specific data sets, allows business users to make immediate and informed decisions,” said Tim Stevens, vice president Business and Corporate Development for Cloudera. “With Cloudera Impala and Jaspersoft, customers can reduce the BI backlog of business user requests and deliver instant access to large volumes of data without spending time and resources on optimizations.”

Thanks to these capabilities, Jaspersoft customers are ushering in a new breed of Big Data application by harnessing sensor, transactional and human generated data to present insight directly within the application user interface instead of within a separate tool used only by specialists. With Jaspersoft, Big Data applications can now natively access and combine, in real-time, relational and non-relational sources into a fully interactive report or dashboard and embed within a business application. 

Kansys, Inc. uses Jaspersoft to embed Big Data analytics in its Event Visibility Platform by combining relational and MongoDB data to give telecom carriers greater visibility into their operations and services. Clockwork Solutions uses embedded analytics to bring predictive Big Data insights to Enterprise Asset Management.

“Embedded analytics are helping bring Big Data insights to everyday users through applications like Clockwork Solutions and Kansys. These companies are harnessing data stored in Big Data stores like Hadoop and MongoDB to provide immediate insights in the context of a business process where it’s needed most,” said Karl Van den Bergh, vice president of product and alliances for Jaspersoft. “Embedded analytics are allowing the value of Big Data to be extended beyond a relatively small group of data scientists or analysts and delivered directly to everyday business users.”