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April 24, 2014

InfiniDB Joins Hortonworks Technology Partner Program

FRISCO, Tex., April 24 — InfiniDB, a leading provider of high-performance analytic data platforms, today announced that it has joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program. InfiniDB will work directly with Hortonworks, the leading contributor and provider of enterprise Apache Hadoop, to extend the power of InfiniDB products to Hadoop-based applications, enabling big data analytics that drive businesses forward.

Organizations are capturing and storing an increasing amount of data on Hadoop, which is becoming a core component of the next-generation enterprise data infrastructure. Many businesses rely on the Hortonworks Data Platform, the industry’s only 100-percent open source Hadoop platform, as it enables the management, storage and processing of multiple data types, including sensor and machine-generated data, server logs, social, clickstream and geo-location data currently stored in Hadoop. As file sizes and query complexity increases, specialized high-performance query engines like InfiniDB for Hadoop are seeing an expanding role.

“High performance SQL-on-Hadoop query engines like InfiniDB are extending the power of Hadoop and the Hortonworks Data Platform,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks. “Our partnership with InfiniDB ensures that companies storing vast quantities of data in Hadoop can efficiently unlock the value of that information with one of the fastest analytic query engines.”

The InfiniDB platform is a fourth-generation massive parallel processing (MPP) column-oriented data technology that is known for its rapid implementation, simplicity and extraordinary value. The latest InfiniDB, version 4.5, includes updates and enhancements directly aimed at higher query performance, faster data loading for HDFS, expanding the scope of its Apache Sqoop integration and ETL support, and enabling better distributed data access for third party tools.

Jim Tommaney, chief technology officer at InfiniDB commented, “Companies are turning to leaders like Hortonworks and the Hortonworks Data Platform to maximize their Hadoop investments and ensure seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure. Similarly, InfiniDB becomes an extreme value-add for companies looking to leverage their Hadoop investments – it’s a natural fit. InfiniDB’s high performing SQL-on-Hadoop solution uses a familiar MySQL interface to quickly drive value from Hadoop across a wide range of query scenarios.”

The InfiniDB data platform is recognized for its exceptional scaling and speed for real-time, big data analytics. InfiniDB is 100-percent open source, MySQL accessible, and available on premise, as InfiniDB for the Cloud, and InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop. The platform provides IT with the flexibility it needs to deploy Big Data applications with the confidence that existing investments in hardware, software, and know-how that will grow with their data.