July 15, 2014

InfiniDB Partners with Tableau

FRISCO, Tex., July 15 — InfiniDB, a leading provider of high-performance analytic data platforms, today announced a technology partnership with Tableau Software, a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics software, to bring together the two complementary products.

“Tableau is a business analytics leader whose software is helping tens of thousands of companies and organizations visualize, analyze and gain new insights on vast quantities and sources of data. InfiniDB is purpose-built for large-scale analytics and empowers organizations that are looking to take their Big Data further with extended data sources and accelerated insights across larger and growing data sets,” said Bob Wilkinson, CEO of InfiniDB. “Tableau connected to InfiniDB creates immense power for new possibilities in data exploration and analysis and we are excited about the value that organizations can achieve with the synergies of the technologies and platforms.”

Companies doing large scale analytics can be troubled with query latency simply because of the sheer volume and quantity of data. InfiniDB provides fast, direct access and an interactive experience for users doing real-time reporting and ad-hoc analytics across both traditional relational databases and emerging Hadoop data sources. Integrated with HDFS and running in the Hadoop cluster(s), InfiniDB eliminates the map-reduce overhead that can bog down intensive query environments.

“As our customers and partners look to leverage Hadoop in their data analytics, InfiniDB is a SQL-on-Hadoop query solution that provides a simple and direct-access connection to Tableau,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau. “A fast behind-the-scenes data query engine means more possibilities and faster data access and reports that can be shared across Tableau’s array of data delivery platforms and services.”

Tableau’s award-winning software helps people see and understand data. It delivers fast analytics and business intelligence through creation of visualizations, reports and dashboards in minutes and can be shared in seconds. InfiniDB is a powerful analytic query engine that supports large growth in data volumes without any performance degradation. A fourth-generation massive parallel processing (MPP) column-oriented data technology, InfiniDB is known its rapid implementation, simplicity, and performance.

InfiniDB is well-suited for organizations that have an increasing need for real-time, Big Data analytics. InfiniDB is 100-percent open source, MySQL accessible, and available on premise, as well as InfiniDB for the Cloud, and InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop. InfiniDB can be downloaded on the company’s website at http://www.InfiniDB.co.

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