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March 30, 2023

Hightouch and Fivetran Accelerate Modern Data Stack Adoption, Exceed 230 Shared Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, March 30, 2023 — Hightouch and Fivetran today announced a key milestone in their partnership and the adoption of the modern data stack at large: over 230 data-driven organizations rely on both companies to automate their end-to-end data pipelines.

This rapid acceleration in joint customers is testament to the value of building warehouse-centric data pipelines, and bridging that data to business teams. Fivetran has drastically simplified the most time-consuming and toilsome tasks of the ELT process, while Hightouch ensures that the data loaded into the warehouse gets used to its full potential by making it readily accessible to business users in the downstream tools used to build exceptional customer experiences.

Until recently, data warehousing was only accessible to the largest enterprises with outsized budgets, and those who did have a warehousing strategy often were forced to make tradeoffs related to the amount of data they collected and analyzed. Monolithic on-premises warehouses were prohibitively expensive to procure, and the process of moving and modeling data was onerous, costly, and manual. Further, once data was stored in the warehouse, it was typically used for backwards-looking analytics efforts, visualized through static dashboards. The advent of the cloud data warehouse has flipped the paradigm on its head.

The emergence and rapid adoption of the cloud data warehouse ushered in a new era of data integration, allowing data teams to ingest data from virtually any source with the flexibility to define transformation schemas once data is in the warehouse. This, coupled with the explosion of data (propagated by mobile, social, IoT, AI, etc.) and the exponential number of data consumers across a given organization, has made data pipeline automation a requirement.

Rising to the occasion, Fivetran has established itself as the de facto leader in ELT. What’s more, organizations aren’t simply collecting more data—they are doing more with the data they collect. Winning teams are “closing the loop” on their data pipelines by delivering transformed data from the warehouse back into the apps that marketing and business teams rely on using Hightouch. Further, Hightouch’s deep integrations into Fivetran ensure seamless orchestration of data pipelines both in and out of the warehouse.

By building warehouse-centric data integrations with Hightouch and Fivetran, organizations can:

  • Simplify architecture, reduce toilsome work, and promote data consistency across the business.
  • Ensure that the freshest data is informing marketing campaigns and business decisions by using Hightouch’s native Fivetran integration to trigger Hightouch syncs to run once Fivetran jobs and dbt transformations are complete.
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences by giving marketing teams ready-access to up-to-date customer data to launch personalized omnichannel campaigns.

Come join the Hightouch team at the Modern Data Stack Conference April 4-5 in San Francisco where Erik Edelmann, Data Engineer at Hightouch and Josiah Brann, Director of Engineering at Discovery Education will together deliver a session entitled Centralized Integrations for Centralized Data on Tuesday, April 4 at 2pm PT.

About Hightouch

Hightouch is the world’s leading Data Activation platform that transforms the data warehouse into an actionable hub for any team within an organization. Powered by Reverse ETL and a suite of no-code features, data and marketing teams lean on Hightouch to activate data from their data warehouse directly into 140+ business tools and applications. Equipped with ready access to complete customer data in the SaaS tools they already use, modern teams are empowered to deliver the personalized experiences consumers have come to expect.

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