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April 1, 2014

Head of IBM Analytics Product Strategy Joins Pentaho

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 1 — Delivering the future of analytics , Pentaho Corporation today announced that it has hired Christopher Dziekan as the company’s chief product officer. Reporting directly to chairman and CEO Quentin Gallivan, Dziekan will lead Pentaho’s effort to define future market requirements and drive the next wave of innovation around governed, blended big data discovery and advanced analytics.

“Chris brings intimate knowledge of large enterprise requirements for advanced analytics and big data,” said Quentin Gallivan, chairman and chief executive officer at Pentaho. “At IBM, Chris worked closely with some of the largest enterprises on the planet. He brings a unique blend of technology knowledge and business value as a result. We are excited to have Chris join Pentaho to drive our product strategy and continue to differentiate Pentaho’s big data and embedded analytics capabilities.”

“The industry is on the cusp of massive innovation and value driven by Big Data, Data Discovery and Advanced Analytics. Blending these together with a careful balance of simplicity and governance is paramount,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. “Pentaho already has a solid platform and innovative team to make this happen now. Adding Chris to the executive leadership team as chief product officer is sure to set the company ahead to deliver the future of analytics.”

“Pentaho has clear passion and a strong tailwind working in its favor to lead the market in Big Data and Advanced Analytics,” said Christopher Dziekan, chief product officer at Pentaho. “I’m excited to join the team and lead product innovation for our Big Data platform, to continue simplifying the ability to blend traditional data sources with large and diverse sources, and deliver insight with Visual Data Discovery, and Advanced Analytics.”

Christopher has decades of expertise in Predictive Analytics, Business Analytics and Big Data strategic initiatives crossing software, services and hardware. Most recently he was VP of product strategy for Business Analytics at IBM and previously led product management at Cognos and product development at Business Objects. Christopher understands the market and large enterprise customer needs and will further extend Pentaho’s differentiation and growth within the enterprise.

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