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February 11, 2020

Formulus Black Launches FORSA 3.1

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Feb. 11, 2020 — In-Memory Storage and Virtualization innovator Formulus Black today announced FORSA 3.1, with major enhancements to its software-defined product for high-performance storage. FORSA provisions either industry-standard DRAM or persistent memory media as POSIX compliant block storage, allowing existing applications to run in-memory without modification.

The new version, FORSA 3.1 – Intel Optane DC persistent memory Edition, leverages Intel Optane DC persistent memory’s App Direct mode to provide lower latency, higher throughput, and persistent block storage for data intensive and latency sensitive workloads. Formulus Black’s LEM storage devices (Logical Extensions of Memory), are POSIX compliant, enabling any application to run on persistent memory or DRAM without modification and benefit from the enhanced feature set and expanded enterprise storage functionality of the FORSA LEM.

“For processing data quickly, it is no longer necessary to spin up additional expensive compute to compensate for the bottlenecks of slow peripheral storage,” said Jing Xie, Formulus Black’s Chief Operating Officer. “FORSA’s persistent memory powered LEMs enables data to persist closest to the CPU, unleashing profoundly faster data processing by minimizing the time CPU waits on data. This results in multiple TCO reduction opportunities while increasing performance with greatly improved query speed, transactions per second, and 99th percentile latency.”

In recent tests performed by, FORSA running on a Lenovo SR950 with Intel Optane DC persistent memory enabled 10,591 TPS at 23.5ms 99th percentile latency for mixed read/write MySQL workloads. Compared to using “fast” local NVMe SSD storage, FORSA provisioned Intel Optane PMem storage enabled over 2x more TPS at less than 1/5th the latency.

“The software ecosystem around persistent memory continues to grow,” said Alper Ilkbahar, Vice President and General Manager of the Memory & Storage Products Group at Intel. “With the latest version of FORSA from Formulus Black, customers can now take full advantage of the transformational storage & latency benefits of Intel Optane DC persistent memory.”

Formulus Black’s FORSA 3.1 offers the highest performing and most feature rich block storage solution for Intel Optane DC persistent memory on the market today.

FORSA 3.1 brings advanced in-memory storage and virtualization features to Intel Optane DC persistent memory including:

  • NURA architecture ensures maximum I/O performance, load balancing, and NUMA awareness
  • Advanced data reduction in real time on persistent memory via Formulus BitMarker encoding
  • High Availability support for host level and KVM based workloads
  • Real Time Bad Block Detection and Retirement for Persistent Memory
  • Enhanced GUI for single pane of glass management of multiple Intel Optane DC persistent memory nodes

Award-winning FORSA software utilizes server memory and advanced data management capabilities to improve processing speed, increase effective memory capacity, and protect against data loss. With FORSA, large database and analytics workloads can persist and run in memory on commodity server hardware with no changes to the application.

About Formulus Black

Formulus Black develops FORSA, a software technology that is unlocking the power of in-memory compute for all applications by enabling server memory to be easily and efficiently used as a high-performance storage media. FORSA can be used to power the most demanding application workloads and for developers seeking to minimize latency, maximize throughput, and scale without performance loss. For more information and to trial our software, please visit:

Source: Formulus Black