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March 1, 2023

Fauna Launches Airbyte Connector to Power Data Integration Across Data Sources

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 1, 2023 — Fauna, the distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API, today announced the availability of both an open-source and Cloud Connector built with Airbyte. Fauna is now listed as a data source connector within the Airbyte platform, allowing joint customers to quickly move data from their Fauna database to over 30 data lakes and analytics targets. The partnership allows customers to easily operationalize their data in their preferred data environments thanks to Airbyte’s functionalities.

The open and cloud source tools – available at no cost while the connector is in alpha – unlock seamless extraction, loading, and transformation of an enterprise’s data to their target environments, including data lakes and analytics platforms. Crucially, Airbyte delivers these capabilities with zero operational requirements, providing immediate data replication capabilities through change-data-capture, and complementing Fauna’s operations-free database. When utilizing both Fauna and Airbyte, developer teams can access powerful insights and optimize the performance of their data from ingest to analytics.

“As we continue to build new features and functionality within the Fauna database, we’re also strengthening the tooling and integrations around our database,” said Hassen Karaa, VP of Product at Fauna. “Airbyte brings critical data integration capabilities to our enterprise customers who utilize a wide range of platforms and solutions within their data architecture. Now, leveraging Fauna’s Airbyte Connector, all our customers can fully maximize the value of their data, operationalizing it wherever they prefer.”

The Airbyte platform connects over 300 data sources to more than 30 target destinations, including Databricks and Snowflake. Traditionally, developers and data teams have toiled with building and managing custom-built connectors, delaying both data operationalization, and ultimately, time to business value. Through its connector development kit (CDK), Airbyte automates all non-specific code and allows enterprise teams to build or edit an existing connector to remove management operations. This allows development and data teams to focus on extracting and creating value from their data, rather than only tending to its movement across environments.

“With the addition of Fauna into our extensive list of data sources, we’re broadening our data integration capabilities to serve organizations utilizing today’s cutting-edge database technologies,” said Andy Yeo, Product Lead for Connectors, Airbyte. “Fauna’s architecture aligns perfectly with our data integration platform, and together, we’re fundamentally transforming how development and data teams interact, utilize, and operationalize data.”

Fauna now has an active open-source and cloud-source connector on the Airbyte platform, delivering both full and incremental sync capabilities from Fauna collections. The connector is expected to move from alpha to generally available in the coming months. To explore the connector and documentation, please visit

About Fauna

Fauna is a distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API. It combines support for semi-structured data with powerful relational features such as foreign keys, views, and joins. A native serverless architecture means customers worry less about operations. Developers choose Fauna to build new applications faster and confidently scale existing ones across regions and the globe.

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