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March 12, 2019

FactGem Announces Strategic Partnership with Kineviz to Bring Clients’ Data to Life

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 12, 2019 — FactGem, a leading data analytics technology company, today announced a new partnership with Kineviz, a data visualization company. The strategic partnership provides a comprehensive, cross-channel offering, allowing customers to showcase and distribute data in an engaging and impactful way.

A no-code, integration platform, FactGem’s Data Fabric connects disparate data sets into a unified graph endpoint, providing companies a comprehensive view of a customer – including demographics, customer service data, and sales history. With Kineviz’s GraphXR browser-based visualization tool, companies can view this data in multiple perspectives – in 2D and extended reality (XR) – with a single click, allowing companies to easily recognize trends, predict future customer needs and plan strategically for future efforts.

“With text-based data, patterns, trends and correlations can sometimes go undetected. Data visualization tools have played an important role in making data-driven insights easily recognizable,” said Megan Kvamme, CEO of FactGem. “The ability to easily convert data to visual interpretations is key for enterprises quickly understanding both their drivers and issues, and our partnership with Kineviz arms clients with a data lens to better understand who their customers really are.”

“Data visualization features like animation, geospatial mapping, and time series playback reveal telling patterns of customer behavior, but it’s only effective if all of the data is together in one cohesive model,” said Weidong Yang, CEO of Kineviz. “We are thrilled for our partnership with FactGem, as bringing the two entities together creates an end-to-end solution for enterprise.”

About FactGem

FactGem integrates your data sources in hours through the FactGem Data Fabric. We don’t disturb existing applications. Data instantly connects according to the business rules that you create in our visual model builder. You no longer have to write expensive and time-consuming code to enforce business rules for your data. Easily and rapidly engage with your data to expose the gems that you have been missing. For more information, visit

About Kineviz

Kineviz develops powerful and intuitive data visualization solutions for the National Institute of Health, Box, the Anti Defamation League, UC Berkeley, the International Anti Crime Academy, and more. Kineviz GraphXR empowers analysts, investigators, and business users to quickly and easily conduct Statistical Link Analysis on varied data sources including geospatial, time series, financial, social media, and documents. Sign up today at

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