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September 2, 2020

Exasol and Cittabase Announce Partnership Focusing on APAC Customers

ATLANTA, September 2, 2020 –Exasol, the analytics database, announced a new strategic partnership with Cittabase. Together, Exasol and Cittabase will bring customers in the Asia-Pacific region a scalable and high-performance analytics database with the added benefit of local support and expertise.

“We are delighted to join hands with Exasol. Our partnership has come at the perfect time, as we gear up to help our customers take advantage of the digital transformation acceleration we’re witnessing. Our customers are acquiring and developing new and more powerful analytics capabilities at an unprecedented rate in the APAC region. We are very excited about taking Exasol, a top-ranked product, to our customers and to the APAC market in general. We are very excited about this joint venture,” said Ananth Thyagarajan, Director and Co-founder of Cittabase.

Organizations across the globe are racing to deliver the best possible customer experience in a highly volatile and changing environment. The only way to succeed is to have access to near real-time insights. This means businesses need a reliable data analytics solution that can deliver no matter what you throw at it. Cittabase partnered with Exasol because there is no better technology than Exasol’s when it comes to getting fast, actionable insights from data. By working together, Exasol and Cittabase can help APAC customers achieve cost-effective enterprise analytics performance, regardless of deployment choices and data volumes.

“Organizations worldwide, now more than ever, realize the importance of digital transformation in their success,” said Ricardo Arriaga, Head of Channel and Alliances, Americas, Exasol. “Cittabase’s impeccable expertise in next generation analytics combined with Exasol’s best-in-class technology, clients in the Asia Pacific region are now better equipped to make informed decisions to stay ahead of their competition.”

Cittabase joins Exasol’s world-class network of globally connected partners and alliances. To learn more about becoming an Exasol partner, visit:

About Exasol

Exasol is the analytics database. Its high-performance in-memory analytics database gives organizations the power to transform how they work with data, on-premises, in the cloud or both—and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before. To learn more about Exasol, please visit

About Cittabase

Cittabase is a fast-growing data analytics company specializing in Data Integration, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. Cittabase helps its global clients in preparing their roadmap for their Analytics journey over the years and guiding them all through the way to ensure success in each stage of their journey.

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