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March 18, 2014

Diyotta and MapR Team Up to Deliver High-Speed Big Data Integration

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 18 — Diyotta, the leading provider of frictionless big data integration solutions for MPP data warehouse appliances and Hadoop, today announced it has entered into a partnership with MapR Technologies to provide customers the ability to seamlessly combine Diyotta’s Data Integration Suite with MapR’s proven, enterprise-grade Hadoop platform.

The Diyotta suite, purpose-built and optimized for MapR, allows customers to fully leverage the power of their MapR platform to rapidly stage data, process complex transformations and enrich their data fully on-platform without the costs, delays and scalability issues inherent with intermediate ETL/data integration tools and associated hardware.

By leveraging Diyotta’s pure ELT approach to data integration, data latency and time to value are dramatically reduced by avoiding landing and processing data on expensive ETL platforms by employing frictionless data movement directly from source to target with no intermediate stops on the way by. By eliminating the intermediate servers required by traditional data integration tools Diyotta provides unlimited scalability and significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

“Through this partnership, MapR customers can now dramatically reduce data latency with our full featured big data integration solution purpose-built for Hadoop,” said Mike Lindsey, VP of Sales and Marketing at Diyotta. “Our unique frictionless approach eliminates intermediate ETL tools and hardware thereby reducing costs, increasing scalability and speeding time to value.”

Diyotta helps businesses achieve the lowest total cost of ownership, fastest development and easiest deployment of any data integration solution available today. Diyotta empowers the enterprise to fully leverage MapR, readily getting the most from their data and reducing data latency from hours to minutes while scaling with the enterprise as data volumes increase.