June 17, 2014

Datawatch and Quant5 Team Up

CHELMSFORD, Mass., June 17 —  Datawatch Corporation, a leading provider of visual data discovery solutions, announced today it has teamed with Quant5 to add predictive analytics capabilities to Datawatch’s real-time visual data discovery technology.

Quant5, a leading developer of marketing and sales analytics solutions, will become a Datawatch Technology Partner, integrating its predictive analytics software into the Datawatch Desktop platform. Datawatch Desktop integrates structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data sources into a rich visualization technology to glean business insights instantly.

Marrying real-time visual discovery with predictive analytics will enable customers to not only see what happened in their business, but predict what might happen in the future. They can now use many kinds of data to model the past, monitor the present, and optimize the future to answer critical business questions like:

  • Which products should we offer, and at what price?

  • How can we better predict sales by products and category?

  • How is our customer base really segmented?

  • Are there incremental sales opportunities in customer segments?

  • Which customers are at risk of churn?

  • How will customers use our products?

“Datawatch’s visualization capabilities and approach to visual data discovery perfectly complement Quant5’s predictive analytics,” said Doug Levin, chief executive officer for Quant5. “Datawatch’s enterprise-grade dashboards allows Quant5 to deliver high-impact, high-density visualizations as part of our predictive analytics solutions, enabling business users to quickly understand our predictive recommendations, optimizations and insights, and act on them with confidence.”

This new kind of visualized predictive analytics solution is essential today because customers require both real-time visualization and predictive capabilities to express complex relationships and reveal hidden insights locked within all their data. The Datawatch-Quant5 solution can be deployed as a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) or in consulting projects to gather, organize and produce insights from huge amounts of data. Unlike other predictive analytics and BI software tools, the solution can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. Customers can typically get up and running in less than a day without having to involve teams of expensive data scientists.

“We are thrilled to be working with a world-class partner like Quant5,” said Joe Pusztai, vice president of solutions for Datawatch. “Predictive analytics is quickly becoming an indispensable component of most Big Data projects, and Quant5’s modular architecture and focus on delivering measurable business results greatly expands the breadth and depth of the types of solutions we can deliver.”

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