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March 1, 2021

Datanami Marks 10 Years of Coverage with 10-Month Retrospective

SAN DIEGO, March 1, 2021 – Datanami today launched its Decade of Datanami campaign to celebrate its milestone 10-year anniversary. For the next 10 months, a dedicated Decade of Datanami microsite will highlight the most important technology trends of each of the last 10 years, with monthly deep dives into key topics, such as the flourishing of the Open Source ecosystem and the explosion of Deep Learning.

From the rise of Apache Spark, the ever-changing area of compliance and regulations, to insightful reviews of the many new companies entering the space and the rapid expansion of the cloud, Datanami has been there, covering the headlines in data science, AI, and advanced analytics for the past decade. New content will be posted on the first of each month, beginning today, with the most important topic of 2011 and how it impacted the industry: The Emergence of Hadoop.

Datanami Managing Editor Alex Woodie has written about these topics for more than 10 years and has been with Tabor Communications since 2013. He recently combed through the entire Datanami archive, which consists of more than 4,500 stories, to identify the biggest trends and themes of the past 10 years. Here is the full line-up for the months to come:

2011 (March): The Emergence of Hadoop

2012 (April):  SSDs and the Rise of Fast Data

2013 (May):  The Open Source Ecosystem Takes Root

2014 (June):  The Year of the NoSQL Database

2015 (July):  Spark Surprises the Big Data World

2016 (August):  Clouds, Clouds Everywhere

2017 (September):  AI, Deep Learning, and GPUs

2018 (October): GDPR and the Data Backlash

2019 (November):  DataOps — The Return of Data Engineering

2020 (December):  COVID-19

At the conclusion of the campaign, the microsite will feature an in-depth retrospective about the entire decade.

“As a publishing organization, our coverage focus has always been on the fastest computers on the planet. In as such, it was a natural progression of inquisitiveness about how we were going to manage the massive amounts of data being generated. Since its launch, 10 years ago this month, Datanami has been at the forefront of worldwide coverage of Big Data, Big Compute and Analytics.” said Tom Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications, publisher of HPCwireDatanami and EnterpriseAI. “Not only has Datanami provided the highest caliber of information for the industry, but it recently had its strongest year yet in both explosive audience numbers and revenue growth! We look forward to continued success and thank you for being with us the past ten years.”

Make sure to bookmark the Decade of Datanami microsite (please link to to follow the journey as we explore the past and reflect on the impact it has had on our industry.

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