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March 28, 2019

DataChemist Launches World First Cloud-Native Knowledge Graph At Strata Data Conference, San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 28, 2019 — DataChemist has announced the general availability of its cloud-based graph database platform. A world first, DataChemist allows customers to upload their own data onto its cloud service, and from there explore connections and relationships within their dataset and run complex queries relating to those connections.

We live in a connected world, and real insight now depends on understanding those connections and dependencies. Across every industry, that understanding improves business performance by helping:

  • Price risk more accurately by allowing for circular and compound dependencies between organizations and individuals

  • Measure customer value more accurately by allowing for influencer effects

  • Track connections and relationships across multiple ‘degrees of separation’

To date, however, the graph database technologies that attempt to answer these questions have dealt only with unstructured data in local environments. As a result they fail to meet enterprise requirements and are suitably only for tactical offline analysis.

DataChemist is different. The platform automatically infers a structure from real-world customer data, and then enforces that structure (a set of real world ‘rules’) across diverse datasets and forward in time. By giving customers a choice of on-premises or cloud-based access, it becomes easier to get started with graph than ever before, but still possible to scale to any size challenge.

“DataChemist is already solving some of the world’s great data challenges”, commented Kevin Feeney, CEO of DataChemist. “We work with Seshat and Oxford University on major research projects, and with the Institute For Economics and Peace to identify and encourage the conditions that support peace. With the launch of our cloud-based platform we are bringing the power of DataChemist to all. This marks a new era in the delivery of deep insight to organizations of all types.”

Organizations wishing to enjoy early access to the DataChemist cloud platform can sign-up at

About DataChemist

Data Chemist has a simple goal: to make data meaningful. DataChemist was founded in 2018 in order to bring a new way of thinking about data to the market, and help leading organizations find the relationships and insights in their existing data that have until now remained hidden.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, DataChemist is funded by Atlantic Bridge and Enterprise Ireland and works with some of Europe’s largest financial and commercial intelligence organisations.

Source: DataChemist

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