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September 22, 2022

Cohere For AI Announces ML Scholars Program

Sept. 22, 2022 — C4AI today announced the launch of its Cohere For AI Scholars Program, designed to help change where, how and by whom research is done. Cohere For AI is a research lab that seeks to solve complex challenges in the field of machine learning (ML) and is dedicated to contributing open-source, fundamental ML research.

Progress in machine learning is moving at an incredible pace and broadening access to participation in fundamental research. This is essential for pioneering new advancements. Still, there are very few settings to conduct research on cutting-edge NLP problems and limited access to large-scale ML experimental settings. The lab’s goal is to change that by supporting the next generation of rising stars as they embark on their research journey.

The Scholars Program provides the opportunity to work alongside some of the best researchers and engineers in the world — exploring the unknown, together. It will serve as an open and supportive environment that will provide an alternative point of entry into NLP research. The program does not require specific degrees or formal experience working in a research setting. The goal of the Scholars Program is to identify rising stars around the world. In fact, the one criterion for selection is that an aspiring researcher cannot have published a machine learning paper previously.

Those accepted will join a dedicated team of passionate researchers and industry experts from January to August 2023, and they will be paired with a project proposal that fits their interests. Participation is full-time and paid. As part of the program, scholars will have access to a large-scale experimental framework and will help advance our commitment to supporting responsible, fundamental research on machine learning topics while prioritizing good stewardship of open source scientific practices. The lab will match scholars’ interests with research projects supported and proposed by dedicated mentors.

Aspiring NLP researchers looking for an opportunity to develop skills can start their journey with this program. To learn more about the lab’s mission, program specifics, and to stay up-to-date on the application process, please visit Cohere for AI’s website.

Applications are due November 7th; click here to apply.

About Cohere For AI

Cohere For AI is a non-profit research lab and community dedicated to contributing fundamental research in machine learning, working to solve some of the field’s most challenging problems. It supports responsible research across machine learning, while also prioritizing good stewardship of open source scientific practices. As a borderless research lab, Cohere For AI is community-driven and motivated by the opportunity to establish an inclusive, distributed community made up of brilliant research and engineering talent from across the globe.

Source: C4AI