July 2, 2014

Bull Launches New Range of Bullion Servers for Big Data

PARIS, France, July 2 — Bull is launching a new range of bullion servers designed to speed up the implementation of Big Data and private Cloud infrastructures. The latest bullion systems feature a suite of leading-edge technologies for the next generation of Data Center.

The bullion S servers have been developed by Bull with the aim of delivering an innovative response to the new requirements created by the massive explosion in enterprise data and the challenges of Data Center modernization and optimization.

Featuring an architecture designed to support up to 240 processing nodes and exceptional memory of up to 24TB, the bullion servers are engineered for performance and in-memory computing.

Powerful, reliable and scalable, the new bullion models are designed to be the most efficient enterprise servers for Data Center optimization, information systems modernization and transforming raw data in real value for organizations. With the potential to savings of up to 50% on the cost of software licenses compared with the previous generation, the new bullion servers deliver significant savings in operating costs for IT Departments.

According to Franck Greverie, Executive Vice-President of the Infrastructure Division at the Bull Group: “The new range of bullion servers clearly illustrates our strategy when it comes to building efficient, fully functioning solutions for Big Data and private Cloud. Based on our extensive expertise in ultra-high-performance computing servers, bullion is the ultimate response to the needs of customers looking for both lower operating costs and scalable, secure solutions. bullion is the optimum solution for new-generation Data Centers.”

The new bullion range features four server models with between two and 16 Intel Xeon E7 v2 processors, up to 240 processing cores and between 48GB and 24,000GB (24TB) of memory depending on the model chosen. The ability to dynamically reconfigure bullion thanks to its Software Defined Hardware functionality means it offers unrivalled agility in the face of changing needs, especially for the Cloud, Big Data and critical applications.

The innovative blade form-factor of memory and input/output components enables hot-swapping to meet changing application requirements, while also making the servers significantly easier to maintain. Finally, the ‘Connecting Box’ developed by Bull eliminates cabling, making it extremely simple to modify configurations.

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