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April 13, 2022

Arcion Cloud Delivers Zero-code Enterprise Data Replication in Real Time

SAN MATEO, Calif. — April 13, 2022  Arcion, the only cloud-native, CDC-based data replication platform, today announced the launch of Arcion Cloud, the first fully managed data replication as a service that enables enterprises to deploy high-performance, high-volume data pipelines in minutes instead of months. The platform brings complete interoperability for some of the most popular database technologies, initially including three sources, Oracle, MySQL and Snowflake, and three targets, Databricks, Snowflake and SingleStore. Arcion Cloud will expand its library to more than 20 data connectors in the next few months.

The modern data stack movement has done a fantastic job connecting APIs and SaaS tools, but it failed to leverage the valuable data residing in transactional databases, thereby perpetuating data silos in a most unmodern way. This results in slower analytics, brittle pipelines, and unsustainable costs.

“Arcion Cloud was developed to serve the needs of modern data-driven enterprises,” explained Arcion CEO Gary Hagmueller. “It uses change data capture (CDC) to track changes from transactional databases in real time, with no production impact, no security holes, and no latency. Arcion Cloud empowers companies to build production-ready, real-time, high-volume data pipelines from enterprise transactional databases to cloud platforms in a matter of clicks.”

The Importance of Transactional Databases

Transactional databases are the backbones of all enterprises, but they are designed in a way that limits interoperability with other data platforms to maintain a highly secure environment and guarantee production uptime. Without CDC, enterprises are forced to move this highly valuable data through slow, inefficient and unreliable methods. Arcion Cloud changes that by bringing real-time data replication capabilities between notoriously difficult transactional databases and modern cloud analytic platforms. It offers enterprises a quick and easy way to transfer petabyte-scale datasets reliably and build highly valuable applications that operate in real time.

Breaking Down Data Silos

As a fully managed SaaS offering, Arcion Cloud gives enterprises the ability to break down silos and make better decisions faster. This saves database administrators, IT teams and DevOps months of setting up complicated and resource-intensive pipelines.

Arcion Cloud solves one of the biggest problems of traditional data pipelines with automatic schema evolution. Unlike other solutions, Arcion automatically detects source schema changes and applies updates to the target platform without any pipeline downtime, manual intervention, or expensive resyncs.

With minimal impact in production environments, Arcion Cloud also comes with enterprise-grade security and management features including data encryption, role-based access control, real-time pipeline monitoring, alerting, and more.

Arcion Cloud is available on AWS USA and will support Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud by the end of 2022.

For more information on Arcion Cloud and to start the free 14-day trial, please visit

About Arcion

Fortune 500 companies around the world rely on Arcion’s distributed, CDC-based data replication solution to drive fast and accurate data insights. Arcion helps enterprises eliminate slow, brittle data pipelines and high maintenance overheads. Break down data silos through high volume, scalable change data capture pipelines with guaranteed transactional integrity. Learn more at, and follow the company on LinkedInYouTube, and @ArcionLabs.

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