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March 29, 2023

Partners Line Up for Google Cloud Ready for AlloyDB Designation


Google Cloud’s Data Cloud & AI Summit took place today, and the company announced new enhancements and partnerships surrounding its Postgres-compatible database, AlloyDB.

AlloyDB is a fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service for enterprise database workloads. There is now a new version of AlloyDB called AlloyDB Omni that allows customers to download and run the database on laptops, servers, or edge devices. Google Cloud also launched a Database Migration Assessment tool to assist customers moving to AlloyDB Omni or Cloud SQL.

AlloyDB automates administrative tasks and uses machine learning and adaptive algorithms for various management functions, enabling users to focus on app development. Google says it excels in transactional processing, claiming it is over four times faster than standard PostgreSQL.

There are several notable partnerships surrounding a new Google Cloud Ready for AlloyDB designation for technology partners that integrate with AlloyDB. The designation indicates the partner solutions that meet a core set of functional requirements, as validated by Google Cloud engineering teams. Google Cloud says that thirty partners have already achieved the Cloud Ready for AlloyDB designation, including Collibra, Confluent, Datadog, and Microstrategy.

SnapLogic has earned the AlloyDB designation while also announcing its enterprise integration and automation solution is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

“The Cloud Ready – AlloyDB designation ensures that customers can quickly and effectively integrate SnapLogic’s widely adopted platform and data movement capabilities with the AlloyDB database service, helping them more easily bring data into AlloyDB for superior performance, scale, and availability,” said Ritika Suri, director, technology partnerships at Google Cloud.

Quest Software is another vendor to achieve the AlloyDB designation for its Erwin Data Modeler, noting that it enables Google customers to utilize Erwin’s integrated data modeling capabilities as the foundation for data management and governance efforts. Data integration specialist Striim also attained the AlloyDB designation. The company says the designation will allow it to collaborate more closely with Google Cloud partner engineering and AlloyDB teams to develop joint roadmaps.

CData has added support for AlloyDB into its connectivity solutions, including CData Connect Cloud, CData ODBC, and JDBC Drivers.

“AlloyDB provides a fast, easy, and cost-effective way for organizations to shift their on-prem PostgreSQL databases to the cloud using Google Cloud’s high-performance cloud infrastructure,” said Amit Sharma, CData co-founder and CEO. “With our joint solutions, teams can more easily lift and shift all kinds of data management workloads to the cloud to take advantage of superior performance, scale, and availability without taxing IT resources.”

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