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September 22, 2022

Starburst Announces New Data Product Functionality

Starburst has announced enhanced functionality for its Data Products software with new cross-cloud analytics capabilities for Starburst Enterprise customers.

The new capabilities are supported by Starburst Stargate, a gateway that allows for linking catalogs and data sources across geographies with support for access controls, data residency requirement compliance, and multi-cloud query optimization. Data Products is a software module within Enterprise that leverages Stargate to connect to multiple data sources across different global locations.

With the recent focus on data mesh architecture and cross-cloud analytics, challenges arise with storage costs, data movement and latency, and data privacy regulations. To that end, Starburst says its goal is to provide a low-code solution to building, sharing, and curating data products across global data sets.

There are several new features within Data Products. The first is data product and dataset cloning, a data democratization feature that enables the sharing of data products within enterprises. Another is data masking and cell-level filtering for data products and other data assets, which the company says allows specific groups to access and view limited or complex datasets. A third new feature is exception-based policies for data products and other assets meant to reduce overhead of security management. Finally, there are now consistent governance features throughout the entire Data Products module, spanning from raw data to curated data products. The company says these features enable compliance in the most regulated industries and use cases, and the creation of curated, secure, and obfuscated or limited data without the risk of exposing unneeded data.

This graphic shows how Starburst Stargate enables Enterprise customers to link catalogs and data sources supported by one cluster to other catalogs and data sources in remote clusters. Click to enlarge. Source: Starburst

The company claims Starburst Data Products is utilized by 40 of its Starburst Enterprise customers including Sophia Genetics, a medical software firm. “With its Starburst Stargate connector acting as a global gateway for cross-cloud analytics, Starburst is providing European customers with a way to securely capitalize on distributed data, including creating shareable data products, where data residency and sovereignty requirements have made it challenging,” the company said in a release.

“Data often resides across borders and clouds, forcing organizations to adhere to a myriad of compliance regulations which can severely limit insights due to partial data access. In particular, our European customers face significant barriers to data consumption across borders given data sovereignty regulations,” said Alison Huselid, SVP, Product, Starburst. “Starburst’s goal is to make it easier to produce, share, and consume data products from any source while ensuring secure and compliant access to global data sets. With these recent enhancements, and combining the power of Starburst data products and Starburst Stargate features, we now offer a highly differentiated solution that unlocks data access and analytics across borders.”

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