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July 25, 2022

Apache DolphinScheduler Raises Nearly $10M Angel Financing

DataOps platform Apache DolphinScheduler announced it has recently raised nearly $10 million in angel round financing. The Beijing-based company plans to use the funds for R&D in MLOps and data synchronization technologies, as well as to enhance its open source DataOps platform’s capabilities. 

The company describes DolphinScheduler as a distributed and extensible workflow scheduler platform featuring a directed acyclic graph (DAG) visual interface that is dedicated to solving complex task dependencies for those assembling and managing data pipelines. 

According to a developer blog post, the platform’s developers created DolphinScheduler as a visual DAG scheduler that can be operated by drag and drop and is suitable for programmers as well as data analysts. It is highly scalable, as its overall scheduling capability increases linearly with the scale of the cluster. Its system was built with high availability and high stability infrastructure that can support customizable, high extensibility plugins. DolphinScheduler also supports other task types including Shell, DataSource, Spark, Flink, Python, and others. 

The platform was established at Analysys Inc. in 2017, and it was open sourced in March 2019 before being submitted to the Apache incubator to unanimously pass as an incubator project. According to a press release, the Apache DolphinScheduler company was founded in August 2021 by Apache Software Foundation members and leading data experts. The company says over 90% of its team members are R&D experts, including core members from IBM, eBay, Informatica, Alibaba, ByteDance, and other big data technology firms. 

The angel funding round was led by Kaitai Capital and seed round investor BlueRun Ventures China (“BRV China”). Apache DolphinScheduler says that over 400 companies use it as their scheduler platform, including IBM, Tencent, Lenovo, and Chinese fast fashion retailer SHEIN. 

“Managing the vast amount of data collected from various sources has become a challenge for companies,” said BRV China Venture Partner Jimmy Shi. “Apache DolphinScheduler provides companies with a complete set of DataOps solutions to help them better adapt to the data processing and governance demands in the big data and cloud native era. The team has successfully incubated many well-known open-source platforms and served as the core data management facility for thousands of leading companies in the fields of Internet, cloud computing, finance and advanced manufacturing sectors. We believe that Apache DolphinScheduler is perfectly positioned to become a leading global player in the DataOps field.”

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