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April 14, 2022

And the 100 Fastest Growing AI Teams Are….

Investments in AI are growing quickly at the moment, as the combination of big data and advanced data science techniques work their way into every industry on the planet. But which companies have the fastest growing AI teams? For that particularly piece of data, we look to Vectice.

Vectice develops software that automatically captures knowledge about how data science and AI teams work. It recently raised $15.6 million in a Series A round and announced new executive hires from Cloudera and DataRobot as it grows its team to tackle its primary mission. But Vectice also has a secondary mission, which is to catalog the growth of data science and AI teams at companies with revenues of $1 billion-plus.

Currently, that list contains 2,500 enterprises, which Vectice then divvies up into three buckets based on team size. The fastest growing teams among those three buckets make it into its Top 100 Most Growing AI Teams list, which is updated quarterly.

Vectice just released its updated list today. The companies growing their data science and AI teams the fastest have smaller teams to begin with (between 25 and 250 people). There are no large AI teams (more than 250 folks) in the “exceptional” growth category, according to Vectice.

Vectice shares its sortable list of the top 100 fastest growing AI teams at the website

The fastest growing AI teams are clustered in several industries. In financial services, FM Global and Moody’s Corporation sport exceptional growth rates, according to Vectice’s accounting. In the retailer and consumer processed goods (CPG) arena, General Mills, Bath & Body Works, GameStop, and Steelcase moved the needle.

Healthcare companies Northside Hospital, RedMed, Varian, and West Pharmaceutical Services all sported exceptional growth rates in Vectice’s list, while in the resources, agriculture, and utilities sector, the fastest growing AI teams could be found at Energy Transfer and Land O’Lakes. Concentrix was the lone entry in the technology industry. There were no companies in the transport industry with data science or AI teams growing at an exceptional rate, according to the list.

There was only one company with a large AI team that was also growing with a “very high” growth rate, which is Vectice’s second-fastest rate after exceptional. That company was Microsoft.

Other companies with big AI teams that made the “high growth” list include: KPMG, Liberty Mutual, Robert Half, Bloomberg, Northwestern Mutual, USAA, Kaiser Permanente, CVS Health, Optum, PPD, John Deere, The Home Depot, Wayfair, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Expedia Group, Leidos,  Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.

In addition to listing the names of the fastest growing AI teams in the US, Vectice also provides a link to the job boards of the companies that make the list, enabling a data science practitioner to immediately apply for a job.

You can check out the full list of 100 fastest growing AI teams at

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