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November 12, 2021

Deepgram Summit to Explore Voice Tech from Covid to NASA

Deepgram, founded in 2015, bills itself as the developer of “the fastest, most accurate, most reliable, most scalable speech to text API.” It’s no surprise, then, that the company wants to showcase all the different ways that such voice tech can be applied – and it plans to do just that, hosting its inaugural, virtual What’s Next in Voice Summit next Thursday, November 18th. The summit will cover a range of topics across (currently) four confirmed talks.

Keynote: The Resurgence of Voice Technology

The first talk of the day, from Deepgram CEO and co-founder Scott Stephenson, will focus on how the sudden need for remote work technology during the pandemic spurred a resurgence of voice technology. According to Deepgram, speech technology had “languished” under established tech providers for decades, but the pandemic “brought this problem to the forefront, with enterprises relying on a heavy volume of video conferencing calls full of team members speaking over each other, background noise, diverse accents, and more.” The talk will discuss this resurgence of voice technology and outline recent innovations and the road ahead for the sector.

Panel: Voice is the Next Interface for All Companies

This panel, featuring speakers from Deepgram, Red Box, Plivo,, and Opus Research, will explore “the untapped potential hidden within voice data and how to successfully implement voice interfaces moving forward.” (Deepgram also promises “special guests.”)

Fireside Chat: Using Voice at NASA And Beyond

NASA is one of Deepgram’s higher-profile clients. In this fireside chat, Deepgram AI Solutions Engineer Minh Le and Deepgram Federal Sales Lead Clinton May will discuss how the company assisted NASA by helping the organization to capture voice data and assess problem areas for space-to-ground communications in future missions.

Panel: Future of AI and Voice Technology

The second panel of the day – and so far, the latest listed event for the summit – features speakers from, Volley, Wing Venture Capital, and Business Insider. The four panelists will “discuss the important role that voice will play in our future, and the steps they are taking to improve voice-enabled experiences and also [accelerate] product-led growth.” (Again, Deepgram promises special guests.)

The Deepgram What’s Next in Voice Summit will be held Thursday, November 18th from 2pm Eastern to 4:30pm Eastern. To register for the summit, click here.

Earlier this year, Deepgram committed $10 million in free speech recognition to developer startups through its Deepgram Startup Program. Its Series A funding round concluded last March with $12 million in financing; this February, it raised $25 million in Series B funding.