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October 27, 2021

InfluxData Announces New Features Aimed at App Development

InfluxData, developer of open-source time series database InfluxDB, hit the scene in 2013. Since then, they’ve amassed around $120 million in funding as InfluxDB’s popularity soared. Now, the company is announcing new capabilities for the leading time series platform aimed at making it easier for developers to leverage time series data in application development.

The new features for InfluxDB (and, in some cases, InfluxDB Cloud) include:

  • Enhancements to InfluxDB Notebooks that allow developers to create alerts, tasks, and scripts in-browser.
  • Auto-generation of Flux queries in more than ten languages.
  • An extension to Flux Visual Studio code that allows for faster queries, scripts, tasks, and bucket management.
  • Explicit schema definition for buckets to protect against unwanted changes.
  • API invocable scripts for application integration.
  • Flux additions that allow developers to send notifications to integrated services.

InfluxData said that these are the new capabilities that it is “announcing today,” suggesting that more capabilities are on their way as well. “We meet developers wherever they are, ensuring they have the tools they need to build transformative applications with time series data,” said Tim Hall, vice president of products at InfluxData. “With these updates, InfluxDB can better help developers unlock the value of time-stamped data through a consistent, intuitive, easy-to-use experience. Developer happiness lies at the heart of our innovation strategy so teams can build real-time applications in any way they want.”

InfluxDB currently ranks in the top spot on the DB-Engines ranking of time series database management systems, which is based on web mentions, Google Trends, job offer mentions, and social media mentions, among other metrics. On DB-Engines, at least, InfluxDB dwarfs the competition, with Kdb+, Prometheus, Graphite, and TimeScaleDB placing second through fifth, respectively.

In early 2019, InfluxData doubled its funding with a $60M funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners. At the time, the company said that the additional funding would be used to expand its marketing and cloud efforts. Now, InfluxData’s customers include high-profile clients like Adobe, Cisco, eBay, IBM, and Texas Instruments. 

“The InfluxDB platform has made us a more data-driven and proactive team,” said Martin Moucka, Principal Network Engineer, Red Hat. “These new capabilities will allow us to achieve even greater network visibility and real-time monitoring, and improve the overall performance of our team. InfluxData continues to innovate with the developer in mind so we can build powerful time series data applications.”

The news was announced at InfluxData’s InfluxDays North America 2021 Virtual Experience.

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