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August 19, 2021

Hitachi Vantara Stretches Data Fabric with Lumada DataOps Update

According to the IDC, data workers waste up to 50% of their time by searching for and gaining access to data across disparate silos and formats. Today Hitachi Vantara announced that it’s aiming to help customers reign in that data sprawl with a new release of its modular data fabric, the Lumada DataOps Suite.

Lumada DataOps combines several data management and analytics capabilities into a single suite, or what users and vendors increasingly are referring to as a data fabric. Specific Lumada components available to users include data integration, data analytics, data cataloging, and edge intelligence tools. Customers can pick and choose individual pieces, or deploy them all together.

At the core of the Lumada DataOps Suite is a new release of Pentaho, which is Hitachi’s enterprise data integration and analytics platform. With Pentaho 9.2, Hitachi Vantara is delivering “full Microsoft Azure support,” the company says. This will give customers the ability to work with data stored in Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage and Blob storage, and Azure HDInsight.

This release also brings support for two new data stores, including the Cloudera Data Platform and HPE’s Ezmeral Data Fabric (formerly MapR’s distribution of Hadoop). There are also logging enhancements to Pentaho Business Analytics, as well as updates that should help to automate upgrades and lower maintenance costs, the company says.

Hitachi Vantara has also enhanced the “fingerprint” tagging capability in its Lumada Data Catalog, which it obtained with its 2020 acquisition of Waterline Data. This new capability, delivered in version 6.2 of that product, will provide users with faster data discovery and better data rationalization, which will bring better governance and provisioning of data, the company says.

New collaboration capabilities in the search, filter, and export functions of Lumada DataOps’ self-service portal should also help analytic teams more quickly and easily identify the best data sets for their particular projects, the company says.

“The ability to provide the right data, in the right hands, at the right time is a simple formula to enable data-driven outcomes,” Hitachi Vantara Chief Product Officer Radhika Krishnan states in a press release. “The Lumada DataOps Suite transforms disparate data silos into one in which everyone can use a governed data fabric for innovation. Customers are enabled to tackle data complexity and reduce the time it takes to get access to data and to create valuable insights.”

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