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August 5, 2021

Enterprises Needing Accelerated Data Analytics and AI Workloads Get Help from Nvidia and Cloudera

In April, Nvidia and Cloudera unveiled a new partnership effort to bring together Nvidia GPUs, Apache Spark and the Cloudera Data Platform to help customers vastly accelerate their data analytics and AI workloads in the cloud.

After a few months of fine-tuning and previews, the combination is now generally available to customers that are looking for help in speeding up and better managing their critical enterprise workloads.

“What we’ve announced and made available is the packaging of that solution in Cloudera’s CDP private cloud-based data platform,” Scott McClellan, senior director of Nvidia’s data science product group, said in an online briefing with journalists on Aug. 3. “All the users can get access … via the same mechanisms they use in general to install Spark 3.0 in their Cloudera Data Platform” architecture.

Enabling the combination of technologies is the work that Nvidia has been doing in the past few years to bolster GPU acceleration and transfer parent acceleration using GPUs of Apache Spark workloads in the upstream Apache Spark community, said McClellan.

Customers have been asking for this kind of integration to help them ease the process in their workflows, said McClellan.

“From an IT perspective, we are seeing quite a bit of demand to just simplify the whole experience,” he said. Many enterprises have moved such operations to the cloud because of the “no-touch, self-service” nature of the cloud, he added. “We want to bring a lot of that same experience to enterprises in a hybrid model which is a key focus of the Cloudera Data Platform. There is high demand from IT environments for simple integration and solutions like this.”

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