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May 10, 2021

Altair Launches Unified Environment for HPC, Analytics, CAE, and AI

Altair today launched Altair One, a new cloud offering that gives customers access to its entire product suite–including AI, data analytics, high performance computing (HPC) resources, and computer aided engineering (CAE) design software–from a single platform.

Altair was founded 36 years ago to create CAE software, has a solid reputation in the engineering fields, where its HyperWorks offering has proven itself in the manufacturing industry for decades. As the HPC market started to expand from academia into the private sector, Altair started developing software to help companies leverage HPC resources.

More recently, the company has expanded into the big data business with its 2018 acquisition of Datawatch, which continues to be the foundation for its big data and machine learning offerings. Last June at its annual conference, the company rolled out updates to the Datawatch Monarch product lineup, including its first foray into software for developing deep learning models.

With Altair One, the company is seeking to bring together all of its products, with an eye toward enabling today’s multi-disciplinary teams to move faster among the different environments they need to get their jobs done. That includes access to HPC resources for high-resolution modeling and computer simulations, as well as access to data analytics and machine learning software.

Users can spin up Altair’s HPC, AI, CAE, and analytics offerings on any cloud using Altair One

The company says that, by consolidating all of its offerings onto a single cloud platform, it will not only enable customers to spin up any big data and HPC environments running on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud resources, but it will also help to eliminate boundaries separating engineers, designers, data specialists, and IT professionals while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in.

Users can interact with Altair One from any computer, including smart phones and tablets. For example, an engineer could use the software to kick off a computer simulation running on AWS, and monitor the job remotely from the comfort of a mobile device, and then share the results with the rest of her team using the Altair One environment.

The Troy, Michigan company also launched the Altair One Drive, which the company bills as a secure place to upload and store data used to power the apps. Altair also launched a marketplace that provides another way for its partners to sell access to their wares. There are over 140 apps from Altair and its partners available in the Altair One Marketplace, most of which are for use in CAE and simulation. Customers pay for services in Altair One using Altair Units, the company’s new unified licensing system.

“Altair One provides a modern, single pane of glass approach to leverage HPC and cloud resources for running computational science applications anywhere and everywhere at scale, which is key to optimizing outcomes and achieving faster time-to-value,” Altair founder and CEO James Scapa said in a press release. “With the launch of Altair One, we are empowering our customers with all the software and tools to seamlessly manage hybrid on-premises and cloud HPC resources to process workloads in the most cost-efficient and fastest way possible.”

More details on Altair One are expected this week during the company’s Altair HPC Summit.

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