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March 17, 2021

HPE Expands Ezmeral Portfolio, Ecosystem

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced new cloud infrastructure and analytics products and partnerships this week built around its Ezmeral software portfolio, including a new data fabric integrated into the Ezmeral container platform and machine learning operations.

The company (NYSE: HPE) also on Wednesday (March 17) unveiled an Ezmeral technology ecosystem program that includes software vendors Dataiku, H2O.AI, MinIO, Rapt.AI, the Run:AI virtualization and orchestration platform, Sysdig and Unravel.

In addition, HPE said hybrid cloud service provider ORock Technologies would use Ezmeral software and its GreenLake cloud services as part of its data science and Kubernetes orchestration framework.

The Ezmeral platform released in June 2020 is designed to run containerized AI, machine learning and analytics workloads. HPE promotes the new data fabric as a foundational file system for enterprise applications.

Elements of the data fabric are derived from HPE’s MapR acquisition in 2019, including file systems that support HDFS as well as POSIX, NFS and S3-compatible data storage.

The new data fabric is positioned as an “analytics factory” whereby users could deploy an “industrialized approach to data science” that would foster an automated analytics capability, the infrastructure services vendor said.

The data fabric serves as a persistent store facility, and HPE said it is available separately as a software-defined data store for data analytics. “It can span multiple edge sites, multiple clouds and hybrid environments,” the company said.

In keeping with its “edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service” strategy, HPE noted its new Ezmeral initiatives would upgrade enterprise data and applications, benefitting analytics workloads as part of its service model.

Meanwhile, the Ezmeral container and platform and MLOps capability are now available as cloud services via HPE GreenLake. The Ezmeral data fabric will be available at an unspecified future date via software license subscription as a GreenLake service.

The company added that a new Ezmeral marketplace would provide access to open source projects such as Apache Spark, TensorFlow and other cloud-native tools.

“The enterprises that use data and artificial intelligence effectively are better equipped to evolve rapidly in a dynamic, constantly changing marketplace,” said HPE CTO Kumar Sreekanti, who also heads its software unit. The new data fabric data and Ezmeral Marketplace are designed to provide enterprise customers with “visibility and governance across all enterprise applications and data,” Sreekanti added.

In announcing its Ezmeral partnership with HPE, ORock said it would use the platform as the basis for its new data science service aimed at customers scaling AI and machine learning efforts. Those workloads currently run on HPE ProLiant and Gen10 servers, according to Gregory Hrncir, ORock’s president and CEO.

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