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November 23, 2020

Improve Data Warehouse Productivity by 400 Percent

Clive Bearman, Qlik Director of Product Marketing for Data Integration

Just the Facts Ma’am

My first thought was to look toward Sargent Joe Friday from the 1950’s TV show “Dragnet.” He used the phrase “All we want are the facts,” when questioning witnesses during his investigations. He didn’t want hyperbole – just an accurate account of the situation. Surely, those are exactly the character traits I needed to verify my data warehouse automation beliefs.

However, the flaw in that plan is that Sargent Friday was a fictional character who couldn’t help me. My next best option was to partner with a company with a reputation for recording the facts. I chose Nucleus Research. Nucleus is a global provider of ROI-focused case studies, insights and facts that help high-tech professionals understand the real value of technology solutions. Nucleus has a wealth of experience delivering ROI reports and is the only technology research firm to gain registration with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy that ensures it’s research can withstand the most detailed financial review.

Performing the Research

The first step when developing the ROI report was to find customers who were not only willing to participate in the research, but also happy to disclose their decision metrics. Nucleus likes to interview customers that have deployed the subject technology in production for a significant period. Luckily, I had the perfect customer in mind. Ewals Cargo Care, a Netherlands-based logistics company, recently completed the first stage of its cloud data warehouse migration.

Nucleus conducted several interviews with the Ewals project lead, Maikel Jaspers, a BI Engineer who was able to articulate the project timeline, identify the costs, and verify the outcomes. I’d like to thank Maikel, again, because my ROI project would not have been possible without him.

The Results Are In!

Nucleus carefully documented the project and identified several significant findings, including the payback period, ROI, and developer productivity. No surprises for guessing developer productivity, but Ewals also estimated it could save 75 percent of the data warehouse development costs, too.

Moreover, Nucleus identified the cost benefit ratio, cumulative net benefit numbers, net cashflows, and highlighted key areas where Ewals realized payback. Nucleus concluded its report with lessons learned and recommendations.

Seeing Is Believing

If you’d like to get a copy of the research report, then follow this link; however, I’d also like you to register for our webinar, titled “Data Warehouse Automation: Faster Insights, Better Payoff.” In this session, you’ll hear Nucleus’ research manager Daniel Elman describe their methodology and findings. He’ll walk through the financial model and answer questions about the results. I’ll walk through the Qlik solution to identify where data warehouse automation can boost the agility, productivity, and ROI for analytics projects. At the end of the session, you’ll understand how to build a business case for data warehouse automation by identifying ROI, payback, total cost of ownership, and other metrics. It’s going to be a great webinar.

A cloud data warehouse gives you amazing agility in a digital-first world; however, it can deliver so much more when deployed with data warehouse automation. The increase in agility and data delivery improves time-to-insight and delivers fantastic ROI. To hear the full details of Nucleus’ finding, register for the Qlik webinarData Warehouse Automation: Faster Insights, Better Payoff.”