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November 2, 2020

Surviving Radical Disruption with Data Intelligence

It’s no secret that data has grown in volume, variety and velocity, with 2.5 quintillion bytes generated every day and 90 percent of the world’s data volume created just in the last two years. This data explosion has overwhelmed most organizations, making it nearly impossible for them to manage much less put to smart, strategic use. How do you identify the time-sensitive, relevant insights that could mean the difference between the life and death of your business?

Time sensitivity in data management and analytics is a massive issue. Your data needs to fuel rapid decisions that make your organization more effective, customer-centric and competitive. That was true before COVID 19, and it’s even more important in the face of the radical disruption it’s caused. The answer is radical transformation, made possible by an intelligent, data-driven approach to:

  • New business models
  • New products and services
  • Hyper-competition
  • Market expansion

The benefits of fast time to insights is clear, regardless of industry, but you probably don’t have enough data scientists on the front lines to discover, understand, govern and socialize relevant data assets to the appropriate people so they can be actioned. What you’re missing is data intelligence, and that’s where erwin comes in.

The “EDGE” in Smart Decision-Making

IDC defines data intelligence as “business, technical, relational, and operational metadata that provides transparency of data profiles, classification, quality, location, context, and lineage, providing people, processes, and technology with trustworthy, reliable data.”

The erwin EDGE software platform integrates data intelligence with enterprise architecture, business process and data modeling capabilities to help organizations mitigate risks and realize the desired results, including regulatory compliance, agile innovation and business transformation. It enables organizations to see how data flows through and affects all their business, technology and data architectures.

Data intelligence is at the heart of the erwin EDGE software platform that also integrates enterprise modeling. Image courtesy of erwin, Inc.

Built-in automation for data harvesting, data cataloging, ETL/ELT code generation, data lineage documentation, and impact analysis speeds the time to meaningful insights. The erwin EDGE answers the four key questions that prevent most organizations from maximizing the security, quality and value of their data assets:

  1. What data do I have and where is it?
  2. What people and systems are using that data and for what purposes?
  3. What processes govern its use?
  4. How is this data relevant and accessible to the business?  

With the erwin EDGE, you’ll be able to fuel an automated, real-time, high-quality data pipeline. Then all stakeholders, those in IT as well as the larger enterprise, will have data intelligence at their fingertips so they can collaborate in making decisions based on data truth, not just gut instinct.

This article is based on erwin CEO Adam Famularo’s keynote on the first day of erwin Insights 2020, the company’s virtual conference on data modeling, data governance/intelligence and enterprise architecture. Watch his full presentation and see the erwin EDGE in action.