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July 31, 2020

Collibra, Tableau Team on COVID Data Catalog

Staff report

Data intelligence vendor Collibra has compiled a COVID-19 data catalog combining open data sets, business domain glossaries and other reference data that have been integrated with Tableau’s COVID-19 Data Hub.

The data catalog addresses ongoing concerns about data access and quality as a new wave of infections spreads across the U.S. and other global hot spots. The slow response has been magnified since the outbreak began by mountains of COVID-19 data from a variety of sources and often in different formats.

Collibra said this week its data catalog could be used to help track the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus, helping public health officials make critical decisions about allocating medical supplies, meeting hospital staffing requirement and untangling supply chain issues.

The goal is to help decision makers understand “what data is available and how it can be used, and to access relevant data and reports more quickly,” said Madan Gadde, Collibra’s chief customer officer.

Public data sets were combined and are hosted on cloud platforms, including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery Microsoft Azure and Snowflake. Talend (NASDAQ: TLND), the cloud data integrator, also has loaded its coronavirus data into Amazon Redshift.

Collibra said its data sets are drawn from John Hopkins University’s COVID-19 Data Repository, University of Oxford and the World Health Organization.

The data catalog allows users to determine the origin of data sets, their contents and where they are hosted. The tool also catalogs public Tableau dashboards via native integration between the two platforms.

Gadde said Collibra will add datasets useful for analysts, data scientists, epidemiologists and pandemic researchers tracking the spread of COVID-19.

Collibra’s COVID-19 Data Catalog can be accessed here.

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