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July 27, 2020

Accelerating Marketing Analytics Time to Value by 99.5%

How PlusUp Automated the End to End Data Pipeline with Trifacta and Fivetran on Google Cloud

The main benefit of a cloud-based modern data stack such as Google Cloud, is the ability to have an analytics framework ready in minutes. Yet, data needs to be plugged into the system and flow steadily and accurately to power up analytics insights.

PlusUp is a major success story in adopting a modern stack, leveraging Google Cloud to automate a once manual and tedious task for data integration and analytics. Their team had several analysts spending a large portion of their week in Excel, working through manual data preparation steps to clean up the data before creating reports in PowerPoint. The turnaround time was slow and they weren’t able to focus on ways to improve the thoughtful advertising analytics and services they provide to their customers.

Using Trifacta and Fivetran, PlusUp created a pipeline to integrate and transform data from the source platforms into Google Big Query for use in Data Studio, where they can set up Dashboards that get automatically refreshed for their analytics initiatives. PlusUp leveraged Fivetran to connect to their various sources of data and integrate with their Google Cloud ecosystem. Then, using Trifacta they were able to transform their data from raw to refined, and then automate those transformation steps for repeatable value.

If you would like to learn more about this success story, join Trifacta, Fivetran, and Google Cloud for a webinar with PlusUp. In this webinar, PlusUp will share their experience leveraging Fivetran for data ingestion, Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta for data preparation and BigQuery with Data Studio for automating their entire marketing analytics solution on the Google Cloud.

Prior to modernizing their data stack, PlusUp analysts were spending a majority of their time fixing data pipelines and manually cleaning client data, stealing precious time from the value-added work in defining and executing the customer’s social-media’s strategy.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What self-service solutions like Fivetran, Trifacta, BigQuery, and Data Studio on Google Cloud ecosystem can do to automate data pipelines and analytics initiative
  • How PlusUp reduced time spent on building data pipelines by 99.5%
  • How automation freed up over 180 hours per week of PlusUp analysts’ time to focus on better social-media plans and increasing the number of new customers to onboard.
  • What it takes to modernize analytics and avoid the obstacle in your journey

We hope you will join us!

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