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March 12, 2020

Real-Time Data App Development Gets a Boost

A new database feature is designed to accelerate development of real-time data applications by supporting developers’ queries “in response to events.”

Rockset, the serverless search and analytics startup that has been steadily adding real-time SQL platforms to cloud databases and streaming platforms, this week released the event-driven capability dubbed Query Lambdas. The workflow is aimed at real-time data applications like inventory management and fraud detection.

Rockset, San Mateo, Calif., said Thursday (March 12) its framework uses APIs rather than client libraries to accelerate data queries. That approach eliminates the need for client software or the need to initiate and manage database connections. Instead, a REST API can be used to query real-time data.

Either a REST API or Rockset tool can then be used to spin up and update the Query Lambdas capability.

Rockset said its approach addresses requirements for more robust workflows required for analytics workloads. “Production applications have stringent performance monitoring and reliability requirements. Making any changes to a live application or the database that serves that application needs to be given the utmost care,” the company noted in a blog post unveiling Query Lambdas.

“Query Lambdas allow developers to execute queries from their applications without requiring knowledge of the underlying data infrastructure,” added Venkat Venkataramani, Rockset’s co-founder and CEO.

The workflow tool is the latest in a series of releases by Rockset. Last August, it unveiled and SQL platform targeting NoSQL data stored in Amazon Web Services’ DynamoDB.

That released was followed by a new tool designed to allow Apache Kafka users to run SQL analytics on raw data from the distributed streaming platform.

Rockset also has partnered with Kafka distributor Confluent that verifies its Kafka Connect plugin on Confluent’s API hub.

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